Broke my “no injuries” rule today

My number one rule for training is no injuries. They’re a giant waste of time. Well, I went and pulled my left quad, the front-right one on my left leg. I don’t think it’s bad, but I’ll know for sure in the morning.

After-action report: It was stupid, as these things usually are.

For starters, if you have to do a cardio workout and a lifting workout one right after the other, then you’re supposed to lift first. This prevents form issues from muscle fatigue. It was also a sprint running workout, so fairly intense. I’m also a bit generally tired from the volume lately (although not overmuch, it’s been just about right for overload). Anyway, I just added dumbbell lunges to my back and tricep day. Great exercise for triathletes, and a decent replacement for (and break from) squats every now and then. So it was also an exercise where my muscles aren’t developed yet.

On top of that, I went ten pounds heavier than I was planning because I just didn’t feel like loading and unloading the 2.5s back and forth between that exercise and weighted pullups. Like I said, stupid.

So you put all those together, and I pulled it on the second rep.

The moral of this story, as always, is to do the right thing in the right way. For every activity there’s a set of best practices. You can get away with a couple of things every now and then, but you can’t get away with a lot, and frankly there’s no reason to waste effort, grow slower, and generally suffer in life just to prove that you’re special. Because you’re not. Even if you have better genetics you may as well do things the right way and get better gains for all the work you’re putting in.

-Potato Nigger

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3 Responses to Broke my “no injuries” rule today

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Yeah, it’s not bad. But getting off easy is no reason not to learn a lesson. The older I get, the more appealing the easy way becomes.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “But getting off easy is no reason not to learn a lesson. The older I get, the more appealing the easy way becomes.” this is how a boomer is born but at least you are aware also I get the best gains doing practically zero cardio for muscle and endurance-for-muscle-wise which is not generall fitness levels but you also don’t get that from degenerate 6 hour cardios nor 1-2 hour walks everyday so and I assume most here are the same genetically especially looking at old fanny pack-cleve pix which is why HIT cardio 1-3 sessions a week running up and down a hill is peak cavemanthard fitness boosting.I just got back from a degenerate 2h+ walk which I havent done in months I looked so flat like it was auschwitz up in he’a just a flat frame of someone who lifts but all muscles had retreated or deflated itz not a good look however there is no better way to naturally increase your WOO-levels-also that is why you are doing this mynewpolitics® 6hour madness itz drugs for neanderboon if you are a neanderthoid excessive cardio will work yoself into a trance and that makes you no better than a naked shaman tribal congaline gathering of cannibals raving under the moon its not christian.

      here is a doxxed picture of aeoli peras transformation on mynewpolitics®

      “but how do I get ripped as a thard” you aren’t genetically supposed to be think Fedor that is a nice ripped enough look however if you want to go beyond I found that decreasing your calories slowly is key, NEVER decreasing your fat which should be minimum 1 gram of bodyweight KG, nitpick away at your carbs until you get it just right (this can get very low because you enter borderline keto), then start to chip away at your protein but at this stage you should see the results you want. If you add cardio to this process you will enter a roller coaster so ironically decrease your cardio if you want to get ripped because you are not a sape you are not genetically supposed to be a skinny weak ass bitch and if you do this process the wrong way you will start to feel like a woman done right you just won’t increase your strength and thats it basically.

      also don’t forget as a thard you wont enter puberty until 56 so you should even be cutting before that anyways just put all your stats into strength keep cardio low run up a hill to actually boost fitness endurance and if you get ants in your pants do swimming because you are hydrodynamic unlike a sape who will sink in water.

  2. Boneflour says:

    The trap bar was invented buy a guy that had fucked up his back somehow, but still wanted to lift.

    Regular barbell deadlifts tilt you forward and strain your back, but trap bar keeps you more centered.

    Got me thinking, maybe some of these lifts that old/injured people have trouble with are bad for everyone, but it’s easy to power through until the damage catches up to you.

    Youth/energy/brute force is great to have, but can cover up failures of technique that eventually cause a lotta damage.

    Age/wisdom/technique focuses the force you have, but many people only develop it under protest, as a result of ‘not being as young as I used to be’. Scar tissue, making your own mistakes, etc.

    That’s pretty much the source of the old complaint that “youth is wasted on the young, wisdom wasted on the old”.

    The smart guys learn technique from the old guys before they ‘need’ it, and get to enjoy the double whammy.

    I ended up studying form before even going into the gym, switched to trap bar after hearing that story. Would rather be lifting at 75 than getting huge for a summer and wrecking all muh joints.

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