If Koanic were an architect

Purify. Purify!

By which I mean analyze.


2020-08-16 18_44_56-Z3xd7ey_d.webp (WEBP Image, 640 × 853 pixels) - Scaled (81%) - Pale Moon

Wow. Brutalist Christianity with a hint of Vlad the Impaler. Emperor Jesus reigning over sharp, brutal hierarchies (triangular spikes) and sharply delineated systems (boxes). Extreme male brain production without brakes. Very autistic but impressive nonetheless. Also notable: the envelope of the whole thing is a bell curve tracing the outline of a ziggurat. It comes out to a 40K space marines vibe, minus the gaiety and cheer. Worshipers must attend in their battle armor or be stripped of their Spartan honor and write permissions in the MT subfora.

Only an autistic architect could boxify the columns buttressing the wings of the cross. Seriously, who boxifies a colonnade?

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17 Responses to If Koanic were an architect

  1. Obadiah says:

    100 push ups shall be executed per Battle Hymn

    • Obadiah says:

      Utilization of more than one hand during execution of said push ups shall be understood as an indicator of faithlessness

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Also an indication one has become lax in performing the 77 cyclic hand koans.

        • Obadiah says:

          Father James Failure Will Result in Bloodscourge is the pastor of this church.

          “Failure Will Result in Bloodscourge” is not a reference to any incident or protocol.

          That is simply the pastor’s last name.

  2. MM says:

    >Very autistic but impressive nonetheless.

    It certainly does impress… a sense of thankfulness that such people are constitutionally incapable of acquiring power in this age.

    I’d take Frank Loyd Wright and the philosophy of the current regime over that vulgar monstrosity any day.

    Speaking of which, this should be familiar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lloyd_Wright#/media/File:Johnsonwax02.jpg

  3. Dumbo says:

    It’s the entrance of a cemetery in Buenos Aires (Laprida). The architect was an Italian man (born in Sicily but growing up in Argentina), most of his work was created in the 1930s. Likely with influence of current fascist aesthetics besides Art Deco/functionalism. The angel with the sword in another work is pretty cool.



  4. Riverly says:

    The architects name is Francisco Salamone.
    Other than cemetery portals (the picture is of the one in Laprida) he mostly designed town halls and slaughterhouses.

  5. boneflour says:

    The K in Warhammer 40K stands for ‘Koan’.

    • bicebicebice says:

      I actually laughed out loud at this but in all seriousness we can’t let mynewpolitics® get access to the blog-codes had aeoli not gone down this path of excess cardio he would have gained almost 15k words (pareto principle 8 daily) instead of losing 5k austic american-blog-words in the span of 5 years…now I can read that article in spanish from the aptly named “Dumbo” but raviaeoli can’t instead being condemned to “look at the pictures” like a toddler…. “yeah but I know 5k scholar words in english WHOPS knew HEH ho hi…” shame on a niggah

      this was is and will continue to be the problem with every blog you ever liked or will like eventually you exhaust those big-boy words like “vacuity” and “Vault building is real politik. Everything else is bean baggery.” Presto Bam and Voila roll-out the excess 6hour daily cardio and before you know it the guy the warned about the end of the world everyday himself gives so litte shits about it HE and not DA JOZ nukes his own blogg…makes you think if it ever mattered.
      this is the outcome of scanning through the dictionary and getting into cardio ITZ like wanting to turn yourself into a martian and has nothing to do with Edenism nor Health in general its the devil.

      many such cases! sad!

      *performing the 77 cyclic hand koans will not burn as many calories as 6hours of mynewpolitics® thus earning you salvation provided you use the Christian Koans and not the pua ones

      • Boneflour says:

        Man, I’m kinda fond of all the people here.

        Greebles covereth a multitude of cardio, and hey, he ran hard enough to win the Edenism Hunger Games. :P

        I mean, the OG that started it all was the dude that took 30 years to write his video game while saying the world would end inside of 20. Spider-Man but with bleach as his origin story.

        We have the only true cyborg that ever existed, busy becoming the Machine Brain.

        We have a guy that bet his house on angels telling him they’re crashing the stock market… With no survivors!

        We have a guy that swears everything would turn around if someone would just give him permission to have two wives.

        We have the most Holy Prophet of the Treestump, namesake of muh podcast.

        We have the dude who gave himself the acronym MoM when he picked his Manliest Name™, ironically the most sincere edenist despite pre disavowing it (<3 u bby ;) )

        I even miss van guy, the one true man. Ronin lyfe!

        And that's not even everybody!

        How would I change anyone here? Yell at them on the internet? Call them a satanist a second time? Has that worked for anyone yet?

        What if the real edenism was the friends we disavowed along the way?

        • bicebicebice says:

          “Man, I’m kinda fond of all the people here.” same hence the chiding, they do not be the know or just ignore that “What if the real edenism was the friends we disavowed along the way?” that should be compatible with OG genetic edenism ergo everything is in order and working as intended meaning you can’t quit anything for the reason people be quitting, “It wasn’t real Edenism” because that is exactly what it is.I remember when Edenist Whackjob quit because he had to focus on his christian group that was going to recover constantinople and seeing as how the turks recently converted the hagia sophia into a mosque one must chuckle but that was 100% real edenism to him and nothing else but that is a false transmission from the clockwork elves as alex jones would say.

          your, generally speaking, slice of the edenist pie is maybe 5-10% and if one get butthurts and leave over that then I just can’t resist the mischief in me and jeer at transexual dwarfs in wow, 6hours of cardio everyday or 4729daily cyclic hand koans now resembling some japanese dance arcade game (if you miss a beat you are a heretic nad go to hell).

          people talk and say the demise of the neanderthals is now obvious but itz not a stretch to apply the same to the rest of the archaic manboons seeing as they aren’t that different from the thards!

          many such cases! hilarious!

        • MM says:

          >We have the dude who gave himself the acronym MoM when he picked his Manliest Name™, ironically the most sincere edenist despite pre disavowing it (<3 u bby ;) )

          It's a Texhnolyze reference, like everything else these days.

          (mega poast incoming sometime before I die)

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