Visiting this weekend, no livestream

Next livestream will be on the 29th at 7 PM YST (Yankee Supremacy Time). If I’m by myself I’ll go over a theory I’m thinking about lately expanding Woodley’s potential solution to the Fermi Paradox. If I have someone else on who knows.

Also, once I figure out how to perma-ban specific IP addresses I’ll provide a link for anyone who wants to call in through the browser. (Yes, I know technical people can pull shenanigans with their IPs but locking the doors to one’s house is primarily a social statement and still a good idea.)

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Maybe do this later?
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1 Response to Visiting this weekend, no livestream

  1. chezgr@y says:

    tech boomerism aside, another good stream. ginger confirmed. judeo-christ who dropped in to give love on the stream is the same as the voxvidpoaster. i think he found your blog from their aktually. call ins would b awesome

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