Normie questionnaire

Generated this in the course of a funny conversation. It’s actually not bad. I’m thinking maybe it could be a joke self-diagnosis online survey someday.

Are you a normie? Thinking you’re not is the most common symptom! Take this survey and find out:

  • Would you describe your music tastes as eclectic? Or hang on, you probably don’t know that word. Would you describe yourself as listening to all kinds of music, as long as it’s good?
  • Would you describe yourself as voting differently each election based on facts and logic?
  • Does it make sense to you to describe Hitler and the Nazis as extraordinarily evil, insane, banal, thoughtless, and having motivations you can’t understand, all at the same time?
  • Would you describe one of the two major political parties as “dangerously close to fascism or totalitarianism”?
  • Does all the violence in humanity’s history fill you with a mix of confusion and moral revulsion?
  • Have you heard of the Holodomor? Of course you haven’t. No, that doesn’t include having heard of it just now.
  • Do you think of yourself as a thoughtful, educated person despite having not finished a single nonfiction book in the last year?
  • Do you feel that living after slavery was abolished indicates you’re morally superior to people who lived during times when slavery was normal and acceptable?
  • Do you believe God just wants people to be good, nice, and fair to each other, as taught in the Bible and by most world religions?
  • Do you despise rich and famous people as elitist while also craving to be one of them?
  • Do you believe you’re a good person deep down, and even though you try not to think about what comes after death, whatever the good option is (maybe it’s heaven or whatever) that’s the one you’ll get?

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Maybe do this later?
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14 Responses to Normie questionnaire

  1. abprosper says:

    My answers
    1- No. There are musical styles of tried I don’t like.
    2- Yes
    3- No.
    4- No. There really is only one party anyway.
    5- No.
    6- Yes. Ukraine, Stalin, Starvation. Nasty Business. Didn’t need Wikipedia
    7- No though I did read non fiction last year.
    8- No. I’m even OK with slavery i some circumstances.
    9- No as none of the regions actually teach that, caveat Christianity dabbles.
    10- No.
    11- No. I know I’m not a good person.

    How does that add up?

  2. I like answering says:

    1 – No. I avoid certain songs even if I like them. Since it sends me into mental loops i don’t like, since I only listen to 1-3 songs for weeks at a time.
    2 – Yes
    3 – No
    4 – No
    5 – No
    6 – Yes
    7 – No, I don’t think I’m thoughtful or educated. If philosophy or theology counts as non-fiction then I don’t consider myself thoughtful or educated even if I have finished at least one non-fiction book this year.
    8 – No
    9 – No
    10 – No
    11 – No, I know that I’m not a good person even if I don’t like that fact. And by know I mean I’m conscious of the parts that I’m hesitant to fix or alter, if I could

  3. abprosper says:

    Actual score of one eh? Glad to know you dislike virtue signalling as much as I do.

    I’d get used to it though, its mandatory among humans of all clades and even many with high Thal quotient engage in the practice from time to time.

  4. Magenta says:

    1. Yes. From jazz to death metal. If it’s creative
    2.i don’t vote. It encourages them
    3. Nazism is normal human behavior. Look at what’s happening in America today
    4. Both parties
    5. Tooth and claw. Way of the world
    6. Yes
    7. I’m pretty stupid
    8. Right now we are all slaves. I got my mask on
    9. Humans are predators
    10. If I had a choice. I’d be rich and elitist
    11. Sometimes my wife thinks I’m an asshole

  5. Mr. T. says:

    Recently found out that there is an Religious Fundamentalism Scale, I got 68 points.

    The RF Scale:

  6. aiaslives says:

    * There’s only two kinds of music – the kind I like and (can) listen to, and the kind I don’t, so No.
    * I have literally never voted and don’t plan to
    * No
    * No
    * No, I grew out of that at 15
    * Yes
    * I’m a bit retarded and if I hadn’t read a Non-Fiction book for a year I’d call this question moot “because the internet exists”
    * No
    * No, “fairness” is a flawed human concept
    * No, No (two “no”s = NT +1)
    * I don’t think about that, I just try to be as much of a sperg as possible and thank God when I remember, and try not to lie or be lazy

    Answers above may or may not be shitposts

    I deserve replies

  7. aiaslives says:

    * I prefer varied music, from Jay-Z and Billie Eilish to Neutral Milk Hotel. I also throw in some 1000 Gecs on my Spotify Premium so yes, I am eckelectic
    * Yes
    * the Nazis were obviously evil
    * Yes, Donald Trump is a fascist
    * No, but I don’t like it and I think it’s bad.
    * yes
    Holodomor isn’t man made, that’s a lie made by Goebbels and picked up by the west because it’s anticommunist. Do you consider the famines in Africa to be man made or natural because of droughts? An actual man made famine is the Irish potato famine where the British landowners kept shipping food for sale elsewhere because they could make more money by letting the peasants in Ireland starve. It was exacerbated by blight of course but we are taught it was a only due to blight.
    Most of the history you learn about communist countries is trash history, and in the case of the holodomor is actually rehashed Nazi propaganda trash.
    * i listen to audiobooks all the time and I had a few questions answered on a podcast so not really but I try
    * Yeah, at least I don’t know any slaves or anyone who owns any
    * Im a atheist
    * No but Id use my money differently
    * I don’t think I’ve done anything very bad and there’s no heaven or hell

  8. General Lee, Speaking says:

    1) no
    2) no
    3) no
    4) no
    5) no
    6) holodomor:lolocaust :: ‘shine:bud light
    7) I finished nonfiction books, AND I know I’m retarded. Ladies, please form a line on the right
    8) …no.
    9) NO. much higher standards.
    10) No
    11) I am wretched, and destined for hell but for the grace of God

  9. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’m surprised by the engagement on this subject. It may be worth doing some real social science on it.

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