Just you wait

2020-08-24 11_19_15-(19) Cleve Blakemore _ LinkedIn

>2 Supreme Court justices
>Big majorities in both the Senate and the House for two years
>Retained the Senate for the next two years despite accomplishing nothing

2020-08-24 11_27_11-Party divisions of United States Congresses - Wikipedia - Pale Moon

But you just wait until we’re in charge! Things are gonna change around here!

What you need to understand is this is the most important election of all time. Have you seen how bad the other side is?

(I’m not disavowing Cleve, he’s putting out good shit like this and this on the vaccines. Sure, he’s a bit of a Boomer on the Bill Gates angle, but he has great artistic instincts. Like Koanic, his biggest problem in life is no one got around to informing him he’s a great artist despite not being much of an intellectual. Maybe I was wrong: maybe the right does produce plenty of artists, but the artists themselves don’t realize it.)

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23 Responses to Just you wait

  1. Obadiah says:

    The right is primarily artfag shifted because being worth a damn is an irrational tendency. Deathcultery is distilled rationalism, and the modern left as you have observed is a death cult.

    • Obadiah says:

      But at the same time we on the right take pride in “muh masculine bigbrain rational logic” which we feel we have to embody, being superior thinkers to shitlibs. This, combined with perspective-warping pathologies such as narcissism leads to stuff like my shit-tier early Edenic forum posting and/or 40-something year old computer programmers from New York proselytizing the faith of race.

      • bicebicebice says:

        This is The best thread and at the same time the only revolutionary work that is tangible for a normie conceived on the internet https://www.xen.altrugenics.com/xf/index.php?threads/op-ed-a-phrenological-investigation-into-the-united-states-senate-in-two-parts.715/ and you should be damn proud of that my dude.
        Tex method requires good (english) comprehension and concentration/attention span which most kwanstanians lack, apart the 77 cyclic hand koans you need a good ruler (heh) and look it up in the non-existant never-gonna-be-written manual to see what it means, a dna-test AND running it in a calculature thats just too much complicated work! It all quickly amounts to nothing even remotely resemembling a paradgim shift…

        But when you see, with your own eyes, that every fucking faggot in highest echelons of western power look like the god damn exact same satanic pedo homosexual, well there is the evidence that all the E-cuckoos were unironically and NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE if you elect and cheer for people that are globohomopedos because they look like globohomopedos because they were genetically born globohomopedos. IF the press/msm won’t even heckle you as a clown you know you are in the right.

        Really really simple as. In CHYNA you would have been promoted to party brass. Hire a gaypedo, get gaypedo results. And then kwanstania burned down.

    • Obadiah says:

      Actually the left and the mainstream cuckservative right are luciferic and ahrimanic aspects of the primordial globalist death cult respectively. That’s probably why the term “cuckservative” is so effective–implies genetic extinguishment.

    • William Owlson says:

      I think I understand what youre writing about since I have a conservative outlook on life as well but liberalism can be coupled with a soyboy attitude too.

      It goes for both parties I believe and both modes of thought to be fair.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    Miles Mathis has documented the cabal “anti-art” project for a while. Artists of the right are locked out and shut out, so they have to make livings doing other things. This has been going on for over a hundred years.

    • Obadiah says:

      Literally Hitler

    • kensuimo says:

      Aeoli remind me to photonpill you

      • Obadiah says:

        …This isn’t some kind of drug thing is it

        • Aeoli Pera says:


          It’s the green pill.

          • Obadiah says:

            …That isn’t some kind of drug thing is it

            • MM says:

              Ha. Literally getting high on your own supply.

              I can see why it’s called the “green” pill (cause it b renewable af bitch nigga).

          • Craig says:

            Man that meme cracked me up thanks for that, I haven’t felt inspired to comment in years. Just remember if you take the green pill and become too successfully subversive, you’ll get the suicide treatment.

            You should run with that green pill meme man, it’s a good one. In our sub culture I’d say it’s as subversive as my cuckservative word, obviously not as subversive in the NPC world, good enough to convert red and blue pill people. Yes, Matt Parrot borrowed it from me, that word where I first wrote it in a comment on Mind Weapons in Ragnarok. From memory at least he asked me politely if he could use it, I still remember his commenting

            With VoxDay I just like to remind him that I raped his mind first. Not a secret king but a piss ant, who raped his mind in order to gain a loud voice. He hates that I did that to him, can’t admit it either his pride and ego will not allow it. IMHO I still think deep in his heart he’s still a Zionist, using the right side to further his Zionist agenda.Trust the plan yo lol.

            Hey brother, now you know how it feel’s.

            Maybe I’ll tell you about the pyramid I climbed in Queensland one day. Extreme surreal experience. When I recollect the memory I still feel the emotion of the group of us that climbed it that day.

            The Waka Waka and other mobs there still have the oral dream time stories of the gods that visited them 1000’s of years ago.

            In closing of my wackadoo comment…

            The Green pill in combination with Asemitism works extremely well on ANTIFA, I practiced the technique on one of the idiots in a Bong shop in Fremantle a few years ago. I still remember the confusion on his face the fact I ripped his mind open and inserted new thought, still brings a smile to my dial. He tried the old I hate the Jews trick, my reply “Nah man, I don’t care about the Jews or the Nazi’s.”. It works wonders brothers and sisters, even brings the brain dead back to life.

            OH I bet Cleve feels real safe in Melbourne now that the bolshies are taking over lol. I moved to the right state my home state. haha They won’t close it as they need the minerals and gas to continue to flow… This state is the swing state in this 5th generation geopolitical war. Take that yo sucker.

            • bicebicebice says:

              ” They won’t close it as they need the minerals and gas to continue to flow…” taking the earthly high ground approach in the woo-war, commendable, guess that advice was left out of both “12goys for life” and “goytow”, almost sounds like treestumping… the current cleve-position is whether doing the same thing in an australian dystopolis rather than in a kwanstanian one is better, in the kwanstanian city whiteoid globohomo commies are taking over (inb4 literal american enlisted CHILD SOLDIERS!!!) and in the strayalan case you got a race of foreign communists doing it. which is better and does it even matter? will your bombshelter be left in peace in either case?

              looks like another win for the treestump, if your attack is solely wholely and purely city-based you have nothing to lean on for retreat or for support, most buildings of grandeur and power are empty 24/7 and serve ceremonial functions only- a completel tactical dead-end, for a dead-entity that can not support itself without outside life, and building your whole life on that house of cards…ouch!

              when one thinks about it, muttman,who denies all of edenism, is cleves biggest supporter, all you need is to go and live in the belly of the beast armed with some good arguments this way you won’t be worn down by the acid.I guess this is a key-ingredient in producing all the funny sperg-out textual tirades, what else can you do when you come up defeat everyday and lash out at the people telling you you are wrong?!?

  3. purpletigerbot says:

    > Maybe I was wrong: maybe the right does produce plenty of artists, but the artists themselves don’t realize it.

    Might be that the right is bad at identifying/supporting artists?

  4. Obadiah says:

    I also wouldn’t say Koanic isn’t a strong intellectuo-magist; there’s a very strong intellectual component to his personality and the same holds for all Eden folks. He like 60-40 artfag-intellectual, you’re the opposite of him, and I would be like 70-30 artfag-intellectual. My brain definitely has an ‘insatiable appetite for art’ as you pointed out in an earlier post, while you seem to have an ‘insatiable appetite for information’. (Though my brain also loves information, its hunger for art is more powerful)

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