If esoteric Hitlerism was designed by Ikea

Via Ken,


Looks like a portfolio leaning against a mountain. The function is more interesting than the form, which is rather understated. The logo is sort of generic fascism and hopefully refers to something in particular (i.e. isn’t a LARP). Presumably there are parts built back into the mountain, since the entire front is glass and you have to change your underwear sometimes. Hopefully the roof is sturdier than it looks because shit is going to fall down that mountain side sometimes. Anyway, the overall aesthetic is an invitation to submit an application for entry into esotericism. The system in front is logical and transparent (the clear box), and the signalling is pretty clear that the esoteric side is motivated by more traditional concerns which may range from military to financial to familial to occult.

Not my favorite. The only really traditional element was to make the garage doors gold, which is a little too Zoroastrian for my tastes. Being European-descended, I prefer surroundings that are a bit less abstract and iconoclastic, where trees and animals and home-grown tomatoes don’t feel out of place. This feels more like the tip of a spear thrusting through the void of space than like a place where you live, which I suppose is the point.

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