Certifiably genius

Today was an important day in my journey of self-discovery.

I’ve been complaining for about 7-8 years to anyone who would listen about how you can’t get those nice earbuds shaped like the Apple ones anymore without shelling out for Apple’s. Maybe they did a copyright strike or something. This was a real pain in the ass because the generic style instantly fall out of my earholes when I’m standing still, so when I’m out walking or running or something fuggedaboutit. This story could go on at some length with my attempted solutions, where I’d settled on wearing cold-weather earmuffs over the standard earbuds to hold them in my ears.

Today I opened up a new pair from Kroger and, behold, there were a couple of little rubber things in the package shaped like this:

2020-08-26 15_13_36-Window

It turns out you can take off the normal rubber thing and put this smaller kind on. They fit my small, Aryan ubermensch earholes perfectly. This put me in mind of an old Penny Arcade comic.



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1 Response to Certifiably genius

  1. tWWink (g4p $$$) says:

    Fuck yeah stuff those holes

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