Ngrams of philosophers

I’ve split these up in order of absolute size, so that having Jesus and Hegel on the same graph doesn’t make it impossible to see the features of Hegel’s graph. (Click for larger versions.)

2020-08-26 09_50_41-Window

2020-08-26 09_51_01-Window

Here’s the second tier. Apparently Aristotle was fringe until Uncle Sam called upon him to fight in Iraq:

2020-08-26 09_51_58-Window

Socrates’ graph is the most interesting to me, because his popularity appears to track with the micro-innovation rate in America.

Hegel, despite being Murray’s #5 philosopher, was vanishingly fringe until the internet needed the word “dialectic” to explain the post-9/11 world:

2020-08-26 09_52_12-Window

For comparison:

2020-08-26 10_28_46-Window

Interest in different sorts of great men could probably be used to empirically show which Strauss-Howe generation we’re in.

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