Three otherwise unrelated thoughts on exercise

The first: As the Michigan lockdown drags on, I can’t help but notice the only things that still aren’t allowed are the ones rightists will tell you to do. Gyms, churches, small business, and dating are all still illegal. I can’t help wondering if this is the elite’s response to learning about r/k and dysgenics. “We gotta make these retards more k-selected! That Woodley guy said that means you have to do negative socioeconomic mobility and kill half the children!” It’s the sort of shit they would do.

The second: Long ago I started lifting weights at home. At the time, this was niche. Since it’s potentially useful to the rest of the planet now, here’s the minimum equipment you absolutely need and how much it costs:

Adjustable dumbells up to 100 lbs each (around $150-$200):

Extra weight to put on these is going to run you about $1/lb. So far I’ve gotten away with just four more 25-lb plates, since my grip still gives out at 125 lbs on dumbell squats.

Simple adjustable bench (around $150):

Look up dumbell workouts and set up near where you play video games so you can play between sets. Just trust me on that, otherwise you’ll need to spend a bunch of willpower on getting yourself to start each time.

Optional, for weighted pullups and chinups (my new favorite and around $40):

I’ve been using a cheap tension strap from Home Depot as a weight belt for this ($6). I use a chair from the thrift store for sitting tricep extensions and for resting my feet during tricep dips.

If you want to go really nuts, get a squat rack and barbell. Watch out for the hole size though, if you get the standard barbell with plates sized for dumbells, you’ll end up buying twice.

Third thought: After further reflecting on the proper spacing of sprints, I suspect that high-intensity muscle endurance exercises are most optimally spaced in the same way as the Ebbinghaus forgetting function. If true, this would suggest that the ability to build new connections in memory has something in common with the ability of muscles to clear lactic acid. This is testable, but I wonder whether the effect sizes would even be large enough to detect.

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