Arakawa on Steven Universe and live stream reminder

Responding to the post modern heroes as passivists:

In trashy media news, I just realized why the hell I watched Steven Universe. (Not every episode, just the small number of plot relevant ones.) A depraved cartoon made by screwed up SJW millenials, yet I felt compelled to watch the story develop like a trainwreck.

After tossing out the pointless filler, I realized it’s encapsulated the Millenial Hero’s Journey, and that archetype is just about as much of a mess as it sounds.

The story goes that Steven, Millenial Hero of Destiny, grows up hearing stories of his incredible Boomer Mom from outer space who led a valiant rebellion against an evil alien empire. (His still-living father is a failed musician who lives in a van.) Steven passively waits for evil aliens to find him and force him to defend his home planet, while asking a bare minimum of questions about the backstory. Metastory requires this for Grinding Suspense Purposes, but it also fits with the incredible passivity of the character. By comparison Harry Potter displays Sherlock Holmes levels of investigative acuity.

Steven later discovers that Boomer Mom was deluded alien nobility who started the rebellion less for justice and more for the sake of coming down to Earth and doing a free love hippie commune LARP. Because Boomers. Slowly learns that rather than solving any problems Boomer Mom was alien nobility who abdicated her responsibilities, emotionally manipulated her subordinates, made the empire worse than it was before rather than solving anything, kicked the can down the road, and left behind an ever escalating series of ticking time bombs and justifiably angry enemies for Steven to deal with. Because Boomers.

… and in the epilogue season, Steven realizes that he has just as many issues as the Boomers, and the rest of his life isn’t going to be about saving the galaxy, it’s going to be about slowly struggling to become a functional human being. The former antagonists of the story are now tasked with giving him therapy. I didn’t watch that part. When I read about it, I thought it was a cringeworthy and baffling ending, but now I realize it’s actually integral to the story they were trying to tell.


That’s a very smart plot. I sincerely wonder whether they were “trying” to tell it or they were genuinely creative by accident while trying to be ideologically degenerate.

Unrelated but important, the plan is still on to do a live stream tomorrow at 7 PM Yankee Supremacy Time.

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2 Responses to Arakawa on Steven Universe and live stream reminder

  1. MM says:

    25 min mark to end

  2. Gustav Bjork says:

    I’d love to tune in to the livestream, but I’m going to be demonstrating against Yankee Supremacy at the time. We are going to be having a moonlit, but mostly peaceful protest against institutional Yankee Supremacy by sleeping in.
    You guys should really consider disavowing Europhobia, Amerocentrism and the international time zone Jew. And reschedule this thing to a Godly hour.

    Retvrn to tradition White man!

    A superchat for you. Apropos of MM’s moldbug link.

    What developments should the victorious, Christian restorationist society of the future include from clownworld? That is nascent religion/society of wokeness, postmodernism and ZOG.
    It’s easier to imagine what we’ll take from Modern society. Obviously science, guns and pizza, but what about this new society? Netflix, windows XP and critical theory?
    I guess I’m trying to ask what does it mean to bend and redirect this tidal wave of history rather than simply trying to stop it.

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