Catabolic collapse of the technocracy intensifies



Thus, the technocrat’s conscience is always in a precarious position, and if the state takes ruthless actions that overwhelm his ability to rationalize them he may become disaffected. This is always a danger in pyramid societies.

When disaffected technocrats form a critical mass they instigate coups and occasionally slave uprisings (the alt-right, for instance, is driven by disaffected technocrats and the disillusioned offspring of technocrats).

Also recall:

These then are the horns of the dilemma: a man who wishes to produce labor-saving devices must either 1) cooperate in the insane political programs of a shrinking managerial class of power-mad social engineers bent on acquiring all capital on earth, or 2) he must start a small business and be crushed within the scapegoating machine for having the temerity to prove a counterfactual which poked these overgrown Egoists right through their insulating delusions of grandeur.

They may have infinite money and the ability to turn off your ability to pay for food with a keystroke, but keep in mind that adding to a massive edifice of lies has exponentially increasing costs in man-hours. Therefore, if you understand where money comes from, you’ll see the real upper limit on evil is actually the morality of the average person they want to control (as measured in how much money it takes to produce marginal inversions in their revealed preferences).

This is the real reason straight white Christian men are considered the Great Satan: they’re just too damn expensive to reeducate. It’s not that they can’t be reeducated–everyone has breaking points–it’s just that somebody’s spreadsheet somewhere said that the autistic psychoticism of white men means it costs $1 million per just to get them to shut up about Ancap or Propertarianism or whatever the fuck reason they give for resisting systemic demoralization.

NYC Shooting Victims Up 95% Over 2019

This is how you know it’s out of hand and not astroturfed at this point. So as not to offend people who remain neutral on the Semitic question, I’ll simply note that this is where the richest people on earth live (ultra-billionaires like Bezos and Rothschilds excepted).

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2 Responses to Catabolic collapse of the technocracy intensifies

  1. MM says:

    Only tangentially relates, but too good a thread not to share:

  2. Another handle says:

    (((Who/whom))) are not among the shootees.

    All this is doing is clearing out the underbrush and deadwood of Nuevo riche with fire. A forward thinking operator will use this to close on distressed properties.

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