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William Wildblood said “I have felt disinclined to write on this blog recently and the reason is simple. There just isn’t much left to say which hasn’t already been said. How long can you keep pointing out that humanity is on course for global civilisational collapse which is what always happens when the impetus that gave rise to a new culture has dissipated and there is no creative energy left? How many times can you say that when the spiritual world is denied as it is now human beings go literally, yes, quite literally, mad and start engaging in self-destructive behaviour? Their minds descend into a kind of anarchic mess, antipathy for the other increases and the most mentally perverted become the most passionate in defending and promoting their perversions.”
And yet, we persist :-).
Ooh, I like the infographic.
This can be the pic for the live stream.

Perhaps we didn’t start of on nearly as different wavelengths as it might first appear

It’s a very melon-thal sort of stylistic divide, having the same substance.
Melonheadism: Plausibly deniable competence.
Search your heart.
You know it to be true.

I see no lies here

How shall we spend our fleeting lives here today?

Trying to recall what I had on my mind from last week
I too seem to have been losing vocabulary over the years

I’m making a quick meme…

Think I had something about Vox but seems like we don’t get anywhere too interesting by dwelling on him
“Cognitive rigidity” summarizes it, really
Ah yes, it ties in with your post on Cleve

Cognitive decline comes to us all in time.
There’s a theme here.

Basically, “kill your idols”
Even great men and wise men can lose a step, can only expand their perceptions so far

Here, re: remembering what you were thinking of last week.

2020-08-29 19_34_59-take-your-time.jpg (JPEG Image, 1400 × 788 pixels) - Scaled (88%) - Pale Moon

Eventually, everything gets slotted into the same categories, regardless of whether tose categories need to be expanded or not
And a wise man will by his twilight years have a remarkable and well-honed set of mental hueristsic and well-tuned meta-cognition for applying the correct ones at different times

I think “kill your idols” is more palatable for most people than “don’t kill your ideals bro” a la Jordan Peterson.

but not even the best maps represent the territory in totality

Ideals, idols, same thing.

Girard might say it appeals to the latent muderous cruelty in the human mind
Anyway, i also sometimes wonder if the world has gone so off the rails that even highly usual (read: most reliable) mental metrics have just become less accurate

This is related to the ideas I’m going to present tonight re: postmodernism as fear of making judgments.
It could well be that what we perceive as weariness is really just people maxing out on their cognitive flexibility.

oooo, that’s a good hypothesis

If everything in life is eminently predictable, yet you can’t get anything you want, is this not proof of one’s own stagnation?
You would otherwise have to believe the nature of reality has fundamentally changed such that evil shall always prevail. But then, why shouldn’t we analyze what this fundamental shift was and whether it is reversible?

again, another cutting point

All this fatalism is just quitter talk.
Winners don’t quit, they adjust and adapt.
Fatalism is slave epistemology.
“trust no1”
^The philosophy of an abused child.
What we’re witnessing is a massive, systemic failure to adjust expectations.
This is what happens when you let yourself off the hook.
And letting yourself off the hook is what you do by focusing on the people who hurt you and the things you can’t change.
Suddenly the villains grow to supernatural proportions.

The master thinks of doing great things. The slave thinks only of the master

There’s a way in which the sense of powerlessness is useful and necessary.
It’s called repentance.
Charlton’s recent post on this was excellent.
This echoes the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous (etc.), where you let go and let God gradually reshape you, simply by realizing it’s necessary.
Whether they know it or not, this is a form of cognitive therapy.
By focusing on your powerlessness to change a behavior, it externalizes the source from your self-conception. Then, once you don’t conceive of the behavior as “me” you stop doing it.
This relates to the “personal/external” element of Seligman’s three elements of self-talk. When you admit “I can’t stop myself from drinking” it implies that it’s not you.
The problem, naturally, is this doesn’t provide the necessary alternative behavior.
That’s why AA is so heavy on community involvement.
Hence, conservatives are very good at externalizing blame on the All-seeing All-Powerful Other but they lack the internal locus of control to do anything.
If they’d repent of their powerlessness, they’d be good people.

There’s a very interesting fuzziness that arises when one digs into the matter of what shapes our choices from the lens of “where does the individual end and the environment begin”
But yes

This is why I always say the serenity prayer is the smartest thing ever written.

in normie GOP world, the democrats are simultaneously insane drunk idiots who nonetheless have superpowers

And in non-normie GOP world the SJWs/Antifa/Jews/etc. are simultaneously insane drunk idiots who nonetheless have superpowers.
Then the final black pill is when you decide it’s everybody else on earth except yourself.
Maybe you’d also let your favorite thought leader onto your Ark, but there are only 3-15 sane people in your world.
Completely powerless to resist an overwhelming tide of insanity.
But the truth is that people aren’t insane. They’re far too rational.
The BLM rioters are correctly reading the signals that say they can exercise their will-to-power with impunity.
Blacks enjoy their position playing second fiddle to Jews. They don’t want to be 100% in charge, but they want to stomp on people below them too.
Normies are correctly reading the signs that say resistance will select their genes out of the population, even if it helps their group as a whole. Why should they care about that when “most modern people are, in effect, psychopaths”.http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2020/07/most-modern-people-are-in-effect.html

meme related to previous train of thought


Okay, now THAT infographic is excellent.

i thought you’d get a laugh out of that one
literally just threw that together now

You’re an artist.
I love the expression of dialectic.
“EGO” (Revealed preference)
“WINNING” (Incentives.)
We must be high-energy today because I already need food.

I’ll take that as a good sign
the melon-thal mindmeld is truly a gift

Even more fun than Saturday morning cartoons though?
Definitely true.
Despite being on the cutting edge of racism, I actually have a huge respect for diversity.

“Despite being on the cutting edge of racism, I actually have a huge respect for diversity.”
A surprisingly common sentiment
Final thoughts for the day

Books are gay.

pretty sure reading turns the kids in antifa or something
i think i saw a meme about that once

2020-08-29-3that’s the base for “the normie political compass” if you want to have some fun

Here, some related dopamine:

haven’t seen this one yet
All the political shitposting graphs are free to use and share. If memes are seeds in the great garden of ideas, shit must be spread to keep things fertile

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      (^It was an impression of VD telling the listener that he and Q would defeat the deep state but only if you sent him 150 dollars. I was very self-amused with my impersonation but after relistening it felt a bit nasty, so I deleted.)

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