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Revelationaries and Metaphysicians (a pox on all their houses)

“Revelationaries” are people who think that revolutions happen when enough people have become alienated that they form a critical mass of outsiders. Thus, they think that revolution will occur inevitably after enough people realize Epstein didn’t kill himself. This is … Continue reading

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Intellectuals as moral cowards coping by becoming fools

I was asked for comment on this: Psychologically? I think Doolittle is responding poorly to his recent humiliation in Virginia. Content-wise, it’s E. Michael Jones with a coat of paint. And E Michael Jones is an unsalvageably conceited no-talent retard. … Continue reading

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Tribute to Koanic

This study shows that he was right about basically everything. Here’s the full discussion section (emphases added where I actually understood something after reading it): In this work, we describe relationships between Neanderthal-derived genetic variation and co-localized cranial and brain … Continue reading

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Theory for how Edenic archetypes pop up in art

I’ve just had it pointed out to me that the english language wasted a real opportunity by naming the fruit “olives” and not “greece’s pieces” I’m going to need another shot of espresso in my coffee after that -Owl Make … Continue reading

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On Death Note

(H/T to The key to interpreting Death Note comes from MM’s recent essay on Red Dragon, where Light Yagami corresponds to the Red Dragon (the wannabe) and the shinigami Ryuk corresponds to Hannibal Lector (the true ubermensch).The Death Note … Continue reading

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A leadership shortcut (re: pets)

I’ve been observing how my neighbors interact with their pets for many years now, and it’s brought me to the conclusion that the best way to determine how you ought to treat a person you’re responsible for is to mirror … Continue reading

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Mathematics of Ahriman (“all X must go through Y”)

I will state axiomatically that the revealed preference of homo sapiens is exploitative economic relations with other humans, the most stable form of which is the cartel, which are maintained by an asymmetric flow of information. The revealed preference is … Continue reading

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Called it

In 2018 I said Vox would come to this exact conclusion: Besides, everyone knows that the only reason not to support Donald Trump is systematic pedophilia. Even if you’re not abusing children yourself, you’re part of a system that systematically … Continue reading

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Big 5 questionnaire as RPG character creator

You know those surveys that you sometimes get at the beginning of a video game where they recommend a class based on your answers: One of the ways to choose your character’s class at the start of the game is … Continue reading

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Precepts of the upper middle class

I’ve discerned the primary underlying motives: 1. Capitalistic narcissism: The absolute conviction that one deserves the very best things in life because one is paying X dollars for the privilege. Hence, lily-white neighborhoods, prep schools, and an obsession with the … Continue reading

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