NJP good optics confirmed

Reflections on National Justice Party speech


The best indicator of whether it’s good or bad optics is whether the media is going to run with it. The Jews are very good at predicting this. Not omniscient, and some of the dumber ones start feeling their oats sometimes and start running their mouths on Twitter, but the media apparatus is very good at controlling the narrative.

Been two weeks now and I haven’t heard a peep about it from the media or the normies.

On the subject of optics, I can report that men are becoming radicalized rapidly. Women are still towing the company line but they’re becoming afraid too. My normies have gone from “this is stupid” to “how close to your neighborhood will you allow BLM protestors before you shoot them?”

It’s the repeated brazenness that’s doing it. They see all these blacks as criminals being rightfully shot by police because there’s video. They see Trump supporters being murdered in broad daylight with no legal recourse and think “that could have been me”. It’s the viral videos that’s doing all the work here. Suggests a specific course of action for people who want to meme a difference in the world.

Pro tip: Reasonably presented anti-semitism is okay with some audiences but lay off the pro-Hitler shit. It’s hurting you, not helping. I know this seems like an unreasonable compromise to some of you, but have you considered maybe this is related to your low executive function in other areas of life?

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1 Response to NJP good optics confirmed

  1. Boneflour says:

    I really want to get a video that cuts between riots in the streets to prominent dems explicitly calling for riots in the streets.

    “Frankly, we should have unrest in the streets for weeks.”
    *city on fire*
    “It’s going to be going on until election day, and after election day, and it won’t stop”
    *knockouts on the street, more fire*
    “Antifa? That’s a myth.”
    *mayor flees his condo because antifa riots in front lawn*
    “They’re not after me, they’re after you.”

    Might even make it.

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