Nutrition breakdown of idealized diet

Analysis of this diet using

In practice I’m only eating between 1/2 and 2/3 this much right now. Trying to eat more in general because undereating is a huge issue for me, but my exercise intensity has been subdued for the last month. Should be back at full speed in October, and next year I’ll be training for another half-Ironman while also lifting weights, so I’ll need to be on the full Phelps diet.

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11 Responses to Nutrition breakdown of idealized diet

  1. MM says:

    >vitamin K

    Oh yeah thats another reason why you actually need fermented foods, and your multi should have k2 in it.

    Critical for effective use of vitamin D (stops calcification) which you need more than 6k of on your weight alone btw but some people will freak out at me saying that (I literally took 20k a day for years lol. Which is how much a normal naked body makes in an hour of sunlight at noontime btw…)

    Something to consider: check your multi so thst it doesnt have vitamin a palmitate because with as much butter and milk as you are eating you actually might get too much vitamin A palmitate (its fat soluble and builds up in your body alot like vitamin D and unlike beta carotene).

    • MM says:

      But that shit can actually be bad. I got too much from a few months of eating alot of tasty vitamin gummies that had an ass load of it in them and couldnt touch butter or milk for like a month. Felt mildly sick during that whole time.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m not taking a multi right now, I got out of the habit of restocking it. I’ll do the sauerkraut instead, muy tasty.

    • another handle says:

      I’ve come to suspect the vitamins are all made in China and full of rat poison.

      There’s a Mormon vitamin chain that tries to hide the “major university” that does the testing on all the shipments. But right now my tryst level is exceedingly low.

      What brands are you finding don’t try to kill you?

      • MM says:

        Dr Ron’s, Thorne Research are the two best I know of.


        plus vitamin D, probiotic, quality fish oil and luke-warm magnesium sulfate baths are the essentials as far as Im concerned. (turmeric and a few other things very good but not essential)
        I dont take the multi atm because Im moderately smoking cigs and all that beta carotene actually REALLY boosts the cancer risk for some reason. So I have to quit before taking them again ;/

        Cheap vitamins very well may do more harm then good. Many are surely just a waste of money because they are in trash forms that dont get absorbed (notice how the forms on the Dr Rons are. No cyanocobalamin or “folic acid”)

        Filtering your water with reverse osmosis is more important than all of this except the vitamin D (probably). Vitamins can be good but elimination of poison is more important (). No sense in taking anything beyond the few essential vitamins if you are putting trash in your body.

        Final note: genetic polymorphism really really matter. I have a gene variant that makes my body’s ability to make D3 utter trash. Its crucial for everyone but there’s a reason I praise it so much. Cant trust 23 and Me and they dont let you export your data (did mine years ago) so doing it now will be much more expensive but I cant imagine a better investment than to know what you are susceptible to…

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    Palm oil. Lots of vitamin A and E. My skin is actually turning a yellow orange from palm oil, should drop it down below 10 grams a day, and make up the shortfall with olive and coconut oil. I’ve been taking about 15 grams of palm oil per day for about 2 months.

  3. Boneflour says:

    Alternative diet:
    Half pound of beef jerky
    Loaf a bread
    Tub of ice cream
    Quart of half and half
    Bag o pepperoni
    Orange monster energy zero

    Eh? Eh? :D

    • another handle says:

      I’ve used RedBull when carrying a bunch of pills over borders gets problematic.
      That’s a lot of carbs to burn tho.

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