Gauging interest in a collaborative software project

This morning, I analyzed the collective personality changes in a Telegram server by exporting it to HTML, then plugging the first and last messages files into the IBM Watson big 5 analysis engine. Then I converted the JSON output to CSV to do a side-by-side comparison in Excel. This done, I realized it’s plausible to automate every step of the process and generate graphs of each personality subfactor over time. This would be cool and, if fed data from many different servers, the results would be worth publishing as well as the program itself.

Hell, I could probably get an academic grant from the surveillance state. Not that I would (I want to be clear that I’m joking about that possibility). All money comes with strings attached, and fuck those people.

(My position on intellectual property in general is professional creative work should be paid on a commission basis, not a property basis. Once the product of the work exists, no copy protection. If you want a study done you pay the academic to do the work up front or on a contract basis, and if he wants to publish the data and results so everyone else can read them too, then you have no right to stop him.)

Based on my usage of this text analysis engine in the past, I think we could just define “normies” operationally as people with low scores in intellect and curiosity. What sticks out the most about the circles I’ve traveled in was 1) Extremely high openness, almost always 100% Intellect and 90-100% Authority Challenging, and 2) Curiosity was always by far the highest consumer need. It can’t be an accident that literally everywhere I go, it’s been a place where everyone scores 100th percentile for the Intellect subfactor.

All those asides aside, if I created a Discord for this software project with regularly scheduled chat meetings for designing it, would anyone be interested?

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3 Responses to Gauging interest in a collaborative software project

  1. William Owlson says:

    I scored a 100th percentile authority challenging and 92nd percentile curiosity as my consumer need.

    My intellect was 100th percentile as well. These are just my twitter results though I scored relatively close in my essay papers I wrote for friends (ghostwriting is very fun.)

  2. cynicinchief says:

    Doesn’t seem like a hard problem, assuming there’s usable API access to both Telegram and Watson.

    I might be up for something, but my time is currently being focused elsewhere and I’m poor at effective multi-project tasking.

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