Personal Olympic Triathlon retrospective and original plan

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Total time: 2:39:06. Beat my goal by more than 20 minutes, and this was while weight training was my focus, so I’m very happy with myself right now. My strength levels are back up to the intermediate standards on, which is what I think of as a “passing” grade. Perfect weather, 60 degrees with sprinkling rain every now and then. I couldn’t have designed a better day for this task if I wanted to.


  • 23:59.7 swim for 1,637 yards (0.93 miles)
  • 3:48.1 T1
  • 1:15:24.6 bike for 24.8 miles
  • 37.6 T2
  • 55:16.4 run for 6.2 miles

I was even less lucky with traffic this time around. A lot of this is my fault for dicking around all morning and starting at 1:31 PM instead of 8 AM, like I’d planned (below), when there wouldn’t have been as many people out. Though, once again, almost everything went perfectly, it would have been really cool if absolutely everything had gone perfectly because I suspect I would have just barely broken that tasty 2:30:00 benchmark. That there’s a MAN’s Olympic length time.

Still, if I make it through this season without murdering an entire group of Boomers with their bikes all parked sideways at the bottom of a blind hill without a hint of situational awareness, then I’ll be beating my expectations. I swear I passed more than a hundred Boomers out there and not a one of them could figure out which side of the path they want to ride on, where’s a good spot to stop and fan out with their brains turned off, what that ringing bell sound behind them means, or what that guy behind them could possibly mean when he’s shouting “THAT RINGING SOUND YOU KEEP HEARING MEANS MOVE THE FUCK OVER TO THE RIGHT YOU FUCKING RETARD”. But the gold medal goes to a Millennial gal who placed her bike sideways across the path to rummage through her backpack while her slack-jawed boytoy was too busy stimulating his prostate to notice there were other cyclists out.

But I digress.


Came out strong intentionally but a little too strong because I was catching my breath around the 100-yard mark. Seriously surprised myself with my speed here because I haven’t been swimming in my wetsuit lately and I hadn’t realized how much better my posture is from the weightlifting and how much better my form is from all the swimming drills. About halfway through I forgot to swim in a straight line, so I could have maybe knocked another minute off my time. I need to practice sighting consistently and efficiently in the future, because right now I do it on a “when I remember to” basis and effectively come to a dead stop in the water. This is not very pro.


As planned. Glad I’ve been practicing this one. Even ran to the bike stand despite my old man brain constantly reminding me that triathlons aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things, and wouldn’t it be nice to sit down for a bit?


This is the only portion where I paced the same as the 70.3. Could have pushed a tad harder but not by much. Most of the gains I could make would come from a closed track without long stoplights and pedestrians who’ve never used a shared resource before. I’m looking forward to picking up some speed and power from using my trainer over the winter in conjunction with the local gym reopening (squats yee boi). It would be cool to get my average cruising speed up over 23 mph in time for next June’s half-Ironman.


Very smooth, didn’t even fumble with the bike lock.


Paced very well, and I’m proud of the controlled burn in the last mile to break 2:40:00, where I left nothing in the tank but didn’t bonk either. Comes out to a very satisfying 08:59.52 per mile. My GPS also reports that I went an extra 0.13 miles, so I would have been a minute faster with more precise distance markings.

Mental game

I listened to Monster Hunter: Alpha this time around, then switched to metal for the final 5k of the run. Wasn’t listening half the time on the bike because I had a good rage boner going that was at least as motivating. Had to use some self-talk toward the end to hit that nice performance I wanted, but it was a lot more positive this time. Less of the “finish or shame your family” and more of the “WIN for PRIDE now, then you can think about what a great person you are while you rest and watch cartoons later”.

One thing I could really improve on is playing more video games. I only got a half hour in the morning of, and none the evening before. Forcing myself to play more video games is always an issue for me.


My replacement Infinit drink powder didn’t arrive in time, so I just cut Gatorade 50-50 with water and ate a Cliff bar at the bike turnaround. It’s not as big of a deal for shorter distances but I definitely don’t want to fall into the habit of slacking off here.


“I ran an Olympic Triathlon at [deleted] on Labor Day Sunday in less than three hours.”

Splits to hit:

  • 40:00 swim for 1,637 yards (0.93 miles)
    • 1,637 yds / 40 min = 100 yd / 2.44 min
  • 1:15:00 bike for 24.8 miles
    • 75 min / 24.8 mi = 15:07 / 5 mi
  • 1:00:00 run for 6.2 miles
    • 9:41 / mi
  • 5:00 transitions


Overview of itinerary

  • Arrive at [deleted] around 7:55.
  • Start swimming at 8.
  • Start riding bike at 8:45.
  • Get back to the beach from the ride at 10.
  • Run for an hour.
  • Done just before 11.
  • Eat snacks and die for a little bit.

The Evening before

  • Buy a Kroger pizza
  • Download audiobook (Monster Hunter: Alpha)
  • Check tire pressure
  • Pack
    • Bike
      • Fill aero bottle
      • Fill red bottle
      • Bike lock
    • Backpack
      • Food, water, pop for after
      • Cash for concessions (pop and pizza)
      • Wetsuit
      • Goggles
      • Swim cap
      • Gray hand towel
      • Running shoes
      • Extra socks (in case necessary)
    • Set out to wear
      • Heart rate monitor
      • Keys
      • Sports watch
      • Club tri suit
      • Bike shoes
      • Socks
      • Helmet
      • Phone
      • Earbuds
  • Play FF10 from 6 to 9
    • Eat a pizza or bagels and maybe oatmeal too
    • Drink lots of water
  • Take a melatonin and go to bed at 9

Waking up

  • Get up at 6.
  • Play FF10 until 7.
    • Eat 2 bagels.
    • Drink half of my daily coffee.
    • Drink 2 travel cups of water with baking soda.
  • Prep to go at 7.
    • Put on the stuff I set out last night.
    • Do bike warmup routine.
  • Leave at 7:30. Go so slow it’s annoying.

At the beach

  • Arrive at around 7:55.
  • Set up phone on T1 with audiobook and Polar ready to go.
  • Set up T1 and T2.
  • Start at 8. Time event as both Other on watch and through Polar app.


Need to come up with landmarks for 1,637 yards.

My intention is to swim in a straight line between the first and last buoys, for simplicity and to avoid the seaweed as much as possible. These were moved since my last triathlon, so I’ve had to re-measure using estimates from landmarks. (If you want to recheck the math, use the correctly sized original picture is in the project folder. The one below is shrunk to fit the page.)

(Image deleted)

By eye, I estimated that the Southernmost buoy was out in the water at a distance approximately two and a half times the distance between A and B. It’s offshore of the point C, which was directly South of A by about the same distance as from A to B. Calculating distances and positions in pixels in a spreadsheet, I placed the approximate position of the buoy in the water.

The same procedure was applied with points D and E, using a tree to locate the buoy along the shore. In person, I estimated the buoy was about as far from shore as D is from E, plus another 10%.

The distance between the buoys is therefore approximately 636 pixels, or 909 feet in comparison with the 100 ft legend at the bottom. This comes to 303 yards, which means I need to swim 4.51 lengths. I calculated the position of a point one quarter of the way between the two buoys, which is approximately in line with the sidewalk.

Therefore, I’ll plan on swimming two laps and then swim to parallel with the sidewalk and back.


  • Take cap, goggles, and top half of wetsuit off in the water.
  • Run—do not walk you lazy-ass old man, run—to the bike stand.
  • Dump the wetsuit, cap, and goggles.
  • Towel off feet and put on socks and shoes.
  • Get phone situated.
  • Make sure watch is still going.
  • Dump the bike lock and go.


Ride from the beach to a turnaround point just past the intersection of [deleted] and [deleted]. Doing this 12.4 miles there are back will equal 24.8 miles.

(Image deleted)

The tree line on the left will be the landmark for turning around. There’s also a big pile of pavers to the right at present.


  • Re-apply the bike lock.
  • Put the helmet on the bike.
  • Dump the bike shoes.
  • Put on running shoes.
  • Grab the water bottle off the bike and go.


It’s a good thing I get so autistic about planning these events. I went to check out my planned running path the evening before and half of it was under construction. Here is the new plan.

Run from the beach to the following location:

(Image deleted)

This is 2 * 3.1 miles = 6.2 miles. The turnaround point looks like this on your left:

(Image deleted)


  • Drink pop, eat snacks.
  • Take at least 20 minutes before leaving.
  • Brag on phone.
  • Pack up and go make the pizza. Watch cartoons and goof off for the rest of the day (I mean it!)

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5 Responses to Personal Olympic Triathlon retrospective and original plan

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    As before, if anyone can find doxxy info in here they can request a Blockheads comic.

  2. kensuimo says:

    “I swear I passed more than a hundred Boomers out there and not a one of them could figure out which side of the path they want to ride on, where’s a good spot to stop and fan out with their brains turned off, what that ringing bell sound behind them means, or what that guy behind them could possibly mean when he’s shouting “THAT RINGING SOUND YOU KEEP HEARING MEANS MOVE THE FUCK OVER TO THE RIGHT YOU FUCKING RETARD”.”

    Delightfully vivid mental image.

    “One thing I could really improve on is playing more video games.”

    Hot damn, maybe I’m Olympic caliber.

    “ate a Cliff bar”

    I don’t actually have a good replacement option because these are 70% effective but they do contain soy.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “Total time: 2:39:06.” there is a “you can run but you cannot hide” joke somewhere in here but I ain’t be touching that shit nigga for what is the internet but a statement of ones abilities? is it better than cat memes? surely it beats trudging through the internet filth getting asscancer in the process? most writ on the internet eventually turn into a man dating his own inner grandiose self in a sense anyways but it sure beats every youtuber that eventually turn into a crossdresser!
    still not good but better in line with the party line! internet bread&circus is american smut designed to curb great progress of fully automated luxury communism! 160 minutes daily of no internet keep on running my freedom friend!
    you make good communist inspiration for party youth no capitalist paraphernalia only strong communist man running naled in the buash carrying within the wisdom of karl marx within!!!

    you just earned yourself a seat in the party! go out and celebrate like 800 year old drunken gibbon! you have been awared 2000!!! SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES!!!

    // your friendly neighbourhood uncle Xi Jinping

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