Primitive two-factor model of physical vs. sexual child abuse

I’m becoming interested in infanticide in humans as compared to non-human primates. On the face of it, you should be able to predict such things as child sacrifice to Baal and Moloch, since there’s no real connection between such things and the stated goals. It stands to reason, therefore, that motivated reasoning is at play: people sacrifice children not because it helps the crops grow or because it creates Generation Zyklon, but because they had some incentive to sacrifice children in the first place and it became a solution in search of a problem.

This infographic struck me as a good starting point:

We’d expect there are two separate motives, the R-selected reproductive strategy and the social competitor strategy of destroying the reproductive fitness of children unrelated to you (e.g. Alpha male gorilla infanticide), under a general factor of psychopathy/criminality. The general factor would explain why sexual abuse is almost exactly 1/2 of physical abuse in all categories. The outlier to this trend, requiring a two-factor explanation, is the “neither parent” category (adoption) where both types of abuse are almost equally common. It would be helpful to know the percentage of gay couples in this sample, but I’d guess that it’s pretty low in comparison to traditional adoption.

A rise in the general factor may explain all the incest porn.

Related to the sexual exploitation of genetically unrelated children:

I haven’t read the thread this is from but you, anon, could summarize it for the rest of us if you have time on your hands.

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6 Responses to Primitive two-factor model of physical vs. sexual child abuse

  1. EvaXephon says:

    “It is interesting that Dr J D Unwin described this exact phenomena in his 1934 book, “Sex and Culture.” Dr. Unwin researched 86 societies across a 5000 year span to prove that Freud’s theory that sexual ‘freedom’ creates dynamic societies and sexual repression destroys them. What he found instead astounded and greatly alarmed him. Dr. Unwin concluded that ‘the fabric that holds a society together is sexual in nature.’ When a society relaxes its moral code to allow for pre-marital & extra-marital sexual activity and homosexuality, then it takes only 3 successive generations who reject absolute monogamy to destroy that society.”
    This is the jist of that thread.

  2. what says:

    Children are sacrificed in order to make the lives of everyone else better. Lower populations allow for greater amounts of wealth for each individual, although there’s a balance in extracting the greatest amount of resources with the fewest slaves. After plagues or famines people will have more to work with, and each individual is more valuable. Demons are real because what they offer is tangible, there’s no faith involved, instead an inclination towards utilitarian decisions over ones of faith. Faith, man, and the intellect, can’t act against the nature of the world, only God could redeem us. I’m trying to find a better way to put it but I don’t know how.

    Incest is a pretty common theme within anime and manga. I’d assume it’s the K-selected trend towards favoring the familiar over the unfamiliar, and similarly the same factor feeding obsessions with loli. The more infantile the girl the more she’s likely to be submissive and faithful. Get them young.

    >because they had some incentive to sacrifice children in the first place and it became a solution in search of a problem.
    You might’ve been referencing my initial point with this, but only on the level of individual selection.

  3. what says:

    We are dust and the things we make are dust, there’s no life in it. Can’t paint a world and live in it, not possible.

    Ever since God decided he’s not going to wipe us all out with a flood again he damned us with the choice of trying to fix ourselves according to his will. “Only way out is through”. It’s an ugly birthing process.

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