PSA for West coast folks

We here at Aeoli Pera Inc want you to have the best interactive map for not dying in a fire, so our crack team of researchers meticulously combed through the entire internet and, using the most advanced analytical methods available to modern phrenological science and engineering, determined that this is the one you need:

We say this with absolute certainty.

It’s also worth mentioning that Google maps is showing road closures for the no-go zones in your route. While we’d trust those less than the interactive map above or your own eyes, it will be an undeniably useful tool for planning your potential evacuation routes.

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2 Responses to PSA for West coast folks

  1. Boneflour says:

    -Baziilions in renewable energy
    -No money for “making sure the power lines stay up”

    -20 goozillion environmental regulations
    -0 interest in forest management turns environment into heavy metal hellfirefuckstorm

    Will California buy carbon offsets for the 34% the state covered in flames every other year?

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