Your brain on amoral egoistic Christianity

The following meme was posted under the heading “What you get when your state is run by child-raping Jews.”

Try asking people who post this if they had gay marriage imposed on them. They will say yes, because the people dancing in the streets over Antifa’s immolation of the West coast are all Westerners. Then point out that this means their state is run by child-raping Jews. They’ll agree “yes, we’re under an occupation government”. Then point out that their statement above has condemned them to the same hellfire, and observe. It’s like those Russian peasants that Lynn observed couldn’t take an IQ test because they didn’t think in abstract terms:

“There are no camels in Germany. Berlin is in Germany. Are there any camels in Berlin?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been to Berlin. It’s a big city, there could be camels.”

The difference is that people under the influence of amoral egoistic Christianity are typically capable of thinking in abstract categories in other areas of their lives because they grew up in a world of scientific rationalism and, under the assault of postmodernism, have had to engage in protective stupidity. As this becomes a mental habit, they simply lose the capability.

It’s very easy to convince such people to knock over the apple cart because “then there will be more apples” and, like the BLM rioters, they don’t conceive that burning down the grocery store means there won’t be groceries tomorrow. I blame the thought leaders. They knew better, but they took the apple anyway. Do they not know they will be judged more harshly?

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