Meet the new face of anti-racist Trumpism

As for Johnson, she presented herself to the Convention fraudulently. She said she was a first-time non-violent offender who made a mistake. This was misleading in the extreme.

Johnson declined, for obvious reasons, to tell the audience what she was convicted of. In fact, Johnson led a multi-million dollar cocaine ring in the Memphis area. It dealt tons of cocaine for millions of dollars for three years. At Johnson’s trial, the evidence linked her drug ring with Colombian drug lords. She was convicted on cocaine conspiracy and money laundering charges.

This was a first-time conviction, but Johnson should not be viewed as a first time offender. Her cocaine ring was an ongoing enterprise. She destroyed countless lives over a three-year period.


Johnson said she redeemed herself in prison. She pointed to various good deeds and the fact that she became an ordained minister. Her redemption would have been more impressive if she had owned up to what she did that landed her in prison, rather than passing herself as a first-time, non-violent offender who just made a mistake.

The day after Alice Johnson stumped for Trump, he gave her a presidential pardon. You don’t get a life sentence for a first-time non-violent offense. But I guess Colombian drugs in Tennessee are a small cost to pay for not being called a racist.

She won’t even say she’s going to vote for him:

Alice Johnson says she’s not a “pawn” for Trump after RNC speech, will vote her “conscience” in November

What a fucking simp. I’m ashamed I ever thought this guy was an Alpha male. If Kim Kardashian asked me to pardon a drug-running psychopath and put her on stage to speak for me, and she was hedging in the news the next day, you’d better believe Kim’s little business would suffer some unexpected shortfalls. This is absolutely pathetic.

H/T to FTN 338 for this story.

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