Pluto (von Stuck) vs. Void (Berserk)

I believe the black twitter term was “black sun gods”. Did they not have black leather overcoats yet in 1900?

It makes sense that modern people aspire to be the all-devouring apostles in the eclipse scene, because the alternative is hard to think about.

It looks like a lot of the visual inspiration for Berserk comes from von Stuck.

^Griffith as Prometheus

^Hitler as Guts.

^Guts as Sisyphus dragging himself up the big hand-altar thing again to make this friendship with Griffith work. “I’m sure this is all just a big misunderstanding.” (Note screaming behelit in the clouds.)

^Hands off my fraulein if you value your jawline.

I wanted to do a “or taste my zweihander” punchline there but I don’t know any words that rhyme with zweihander.

This is only barely related but I need an excuse to share it:

This teaches me how much more I have to become.

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