Precepts of the upper middle class

I’ve discerned the primary underlying motives:

1. Capitalistic narcissism: The absolute conviction that one deserves the very best things in life because one is paying X dollars for the privilege. Hence, lily-white neighborhoods, prep schools, and an obsession with the ivy league.

2. Pacifistic psychopathy: The certainty that there is never any justification for conflict in life, guaranteeing one always chooses the easiest way out of a situation unless this interferes with the prime directive, in which case one escalates until either the prime directive is satisfied or continuing the conflict is seen to cost more nice things than one will obtain. These exceptions are what’s colloquially known as “being a Karen”.

3. Tactical postmodernism: The ideology that no propositional statement is true, except when this will cause personal conflicts by offending nearby psychopaths (e.g. race does not exist unless one is affirming Black Lives Matter under duress) or interfere with the prime directive (e.g. IQ does not exist but one’s child objectively deserves to be in the gifted program). The former exception is colloquially known as “cucking” and the latter is simply liberal Machiavellianism (which rightists mistake for hypocrisy without self-awareness).

These values are necessary for being the most socially competitive phenotype in the game of status striving among neurotypicals, where the game is defined by the maintenance of SWPL pretense. The upper class, in contrast, are strategically scornful of competition because this aids them in suppressing social mobility–they inherited their status, by definition, and are usually less fit to compete for it.

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9 Responses to Precepts of the upper middle class

  1. MM says:

    Fucking fantastic 30K word juggernaut of a post on the structures of power at present.
    Could not recommend reading it (in full) any more strongly.

    Some quotes, tailored to this blog’s shtick:

    “Why do politicians have no real power? Because the people who elect them have no real power.”

    “But on a social graph, America today looks more like a refugee camp than a stable and thriving national community.
    And the men in this camp are Nietzsche’s last men, CS Lewis’s men without chests.
    If the Republic did not exist, no one would invent it.”

    “When no one can overrule the astronomers, the astronomers turn into astrologers.”

    ZHPL on the said article (great chart):

    “The cynical take that “everything is just about profit, man” is not wrong because it’s cynical,
    it’s wrong because it’s not nearly cynical enough.
    Truly wealthy people do not care about money, they care about is power, or more specifically,
    they care about feeling powerful”

    “Anyone, even you or I, can get the feeling of power by speaking cathedral incantations;
    we can partake of power by submitting to power, this does not make us powerful, it does make other people submit.
    The intoxication of this is the source of our collective insanity”

    This is vital, and explains why the last man always figures himself the ubermensch.

    The normie understanding of ‘overman as superior human’ necessarily leads to ‘neutered, dying human in an already-conquered world’

    (uncomfortably more on this much much later)

    Note- But not in terms of what overman was supposed to actually mean: Becoming
    ^^^^NEW POAST^^^^

    >If removing yourself from my influence will make you a better person then make it happen. If I believed that, I would act on it

    I’ve thought about this, and have come to the conclusion to only interact with you here, with cause, in ways productive for me intellectually, with no direct attempts to help, until the end of the much neglected TAR project. (I have been writing comments in response and just not posting them, that will remain the vast majority. With something important and… relatively uncontroversial like this comment it may get posted. Though if this is not welcome just say)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Nah, this is an excellent comment.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This diagram is ignorant on the JQ, but otherwise useful. That puts it firmly in purple pill territory. It desperately needs an updated red pill treatment, after which it will be an excellent guide.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I mean, imagine saying The Show is not directed from the top down by a well-managed conspiracy in 2020.

      • MM says:

        Zhp is certainly aware and moldbug had at least 5 or 6 dog whistles in the full must read article (way better than zhp’s necessary boildown. There are so many great tangents IE- the stuff about the power of comittees and seniority rules in congress, completely nonconstitutional, a dozen other things)

        Anyway, I dont like them ignoring the jq but the tweet wouldnt stay up if it was there. He deff could have gotten away with emphasizing hidden power influencing/funding the Brain tho

      • Heaviside says:

        >This diagram is ignorant on the JQ, but otherwise useful. That puts it firmly in purple pill territory. It desperately needs an updated red pill treatment, after which it will be an excellent guide.

        Moldbug is Jewish and he’s had several years to think critically about how this biases his political thought but has refused to go in that direction, and he seems to have basically stagnated.

        Moldbug won’t criticize Jewish power, whether it’s communist Jews or the Israel Lobby, but a much deeper problem than that is that his ethnic heritage fundamentally biases his entire political philosophy and he doesn’t even realize it. He thinks that America is run by rabbis (“the Cathedral”), because that’s what makes sense to him.

        “The Castle” is actually the most powerful group in America, and he thinks it’s the weakest. He’s similarly in denial about the power of big business.

        Moldbug was just a typical shitlib until he was “redpilled” by a drunk Irish guy at an SF goth club. He is not a deep right wing thinker.

        You know what’s completely missing from his picture of the world? Organized crime and covert operations. Because in his mind, the only thing that matters is rabbinical consensus — I mean “decentralized intellectual oligarchy”. Well, everybody thinks he’s a real fucking genius until he has a gun shoved in his face.

        • MM says:

          >“The Castle” is actually the most powerful group in America, and he thinks it’s the weakest. He’s similarly in denial about the power of big business.

          This is a substantive criticism. He is right about the trickle down power of the Brain (what most of the piece is about + the inability for anything people are currently doing or likely to do to change anything) but he fucks up when it comes to explaining who gets to pull that lever (A very incestuous clique of… ‘international capitalists’. And prob some others, I’m certainly not sure)

          If there is anything he is truly forgetting that deserves its own slot its “the motherfucking drugz, nigga”. blah blah blah Brave New World. Life’s as good in a coma.

    • Heaviside says:

      “As for the Nazi Amazon, Amazon delivers 2/3 of its own packages. Couldn’t it deliver them in a swastika van, with a snappy Roman salute? Hail Jeff and happy Prime Day! Just for this gesture, Amazon might lose a few subscribers. What that would do, or what more the organization could do, to advance the Führer’s agenda, is unclear.”

      The best the world’s largest marketplace for books, second largest streaming service, and owner of could do to push an ideological agenda would be to paint its trucks differently.

      Did Curtis have a head injury recently?

      • MM says:

        >Did Curtis have a head injury recently?

        Maybe when writing that. I’ve read enough Moldbug to know that sooner or later something really dumb will be said, but the measure of a piece of (functional) writing is not its high points, low points, or end; it is the sum. These measures are considered so important only because they stand out strongly in human memory. I will stand by this being very good on the whole, but it needs to digest into more useful forms (like what ZHPL did).

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