Big 5 questionnaire as RPG character creator

You know those surveys that you sometimes get at the beginning of a video game where they recommend a class based on your answers:

One of the ways to choose your character’s class at the start of the game is to allow Socucius Ergalla to give you a “personality test” of sorts. You will be asked ten multiple-choice questions, and he will suggest the class that best fits your answers. You can always ignore his suggestion and choose a different predefined class, or create your own.

Each question has three possible answers, and each answer indicates a preference for one of the specialties: Stealth, Combat, or Magic. Ten questions with three choices each means there are sixty-six unique combinations. There are only twenty-one different classes, so some classes correspond to more than one combination. In particular, the Thief, Warrior, or Mage will be suggested for any combination with at least seven matching answers of Stealth, Combat, or Magic, respectively.

Is anyone aware of a game that melds fantasy classes with a real psychometric model? I can imagine mapping something like Eysenck’s personality theory with this, e.g. psychoticism correlates to magic, neuroticism negatively correlates to combat, and extraversion negatively correlates to stealth.

You could also do IQ subtests, the political compass, religious fundamentalism, or even physical fitness standards (like bro, what’s your bench?). For something like the latter where people can just lie (or the former where people can cheat), you can use it to set the difficulty level and then just say “your answers indicate a strength of 100, which will set the game to Very Easy mode, do you want to change the difficulty?”

Anyway, I know it’s probably just me but I think something like this would be really cool.

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