Called it

In 2018 I said Vox would come to this exact conclusion:

Besides, everyone knows that the only reason not to support Donald Trump is systematic pedophilia. Even if you’re not abusing children yourself, you’re part of a system that systematically abuses children and that makes you a pedophile.

It’s like these idiots never imagined that anyone would ever use their own rhetorical tactics against them. Or understood that the reason the rhetoric is effective is because it is clearly rooted in truth.

You’re a pedophile. Haha it’s just irony bro. Do you not get irony? But seriously though, unironically you’re a pedophile.

Literally every step of the way I’ve been warning that this became his worldview after Charlottesville, and it’s all because he couldn’t face up to the shame of the media coverage fooling him. All the shit with the Alt-Right, with Gab, with Jordan Peterson, with Q-Anon, and the sudden loss of imagination and subsequent inability to write books or blog posts–it’s all because of this one giant cope: “Everyone who disagrees with me is defending pedophilia”. It’s right there in the heuristic. They tried to gaslight me at the time, and then they went and acted exactly like I said they were going to act based on the actual logic of what they were saying. “Blah blah blah nuance and subtlety” no if the model makes reliable predictions, it’s a good model, and you were lying from the beginning and trying to cover it up with an ink cloud of ambiguity.

It’s not rhetoric. It’s not subtlety. It’s LYING. The final confirmation will come when Jordan Peterson shows up the Alt-Q comics. There’s no way I could call something that specific years in advance if I weren’t right.

Vox has been back-engineering his entire worldview from that premise, “Everyone who disagrees with me is defending pedophilia,” for three years because he’s too chickenshit to own up to the media getting him one time. ONE TIME. It was preferable to believe that everyone in the world outside his circle of trust was a pedophile than to believe the media misrepresented Charlottesville and he fell for it, and apparently he was already so addicted to upcummies at the time that the truth didn’t weigh in as a serious factor. That’s why I’m still so ashamed by association: he was already that far gone and I was still willing to back him up. That’s a huge failure of that discernment I’m supposedly so fucking proud of. What good has it done me in seeing Vox or Trump for what they were? It’s a disgrace, frankly.

Take Vox’s self-immolation as a cautionary tale. This is why you don’t lie to yourself. This is why you don’t turn your propaganda inward for upcummies. This is what you become.

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1 Response to Called it

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “What good has it done me in seeing Vox or Trump for what they were? It’s a disgrace, frankly.” looks like another win for Edenism

    vox1: no need to spend time on the (e-celebs in any way shape or form especially when you can instantly fact check them with your Edenoid score-card) internet when it comes to change muh society, because it doesn’t work and sapes
    trump2: no need to spend time on politicians when it comes to change muh society, because it doesn’t work also oompa loompa melons

    the alt-right was also successfull because it eventually made americans burn down their own country, instead of conforming to 1950s americana. says a lot about sapes and incidentally edenism too, there is a limity to how far the sape wants to mimic humans, they’d rather push blocks on an all grain diet instead of 1 man 1 salary and 2 houses 2 cars 2 summer houses and 2 boats.

    we have been sitting on these answers for 10+ years and itz genetic, finally anyone can recreate these “personality” experiments. your freedom-reward is 6 hours of cardio everyday and having the energy do to so, the internet will only drain a man and give him asscancer in the process. 99% of the internet is complete shitnigger rubbish so no wonder real men censor the whole thing (CHYNA),

    logg off white man itz over

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