Intellectuals as moral cowards coping by becoming fools

I was asked for comment on this:

Psychologically? I think Doolittle is responding poorly to his recent humiliation in Virginia. Content-wise, it’s E. Michael Jones with a coat of paint. And E Michael Jones is an unsalvageably conceited no-talent retard. I’d give Doolittle six months to get through this phase. Any longer than that and he goes on the pile with the other writers whose useful days are behind them.

All I see in all these new religious ideas is “COPE COPE COPE”. How many times do you have to see this sentiment to see the pattern?

Regressing a bit after humiliation and defeat is normal and expected. But you have to come back out of it. I’m seeing this sort of resilience is less and less common. Especially with these intellectual types. More often, they use their big brains to define a new morality where their cowardice is actually courage, thus doubling down on their moral cowardice and conspicuously becoming fools to boot. Bruce Charlton just did this maybe a month ago, so he’ll probably never write another book. But Vox Day after Charlottesville serves as my archetypal reference point for this. I don’t know what happened to Rao, but I know it did because, as ZHP Lovecraft pointed out, due to his new beliefs he will never write anything as good as the Gervais Principle ever again.

There appears to be a tradeoff between courage and wisdom, so that people who somehow know the shot tend to be cowards (i.e. they can anticipate the consequences of moral courage in a world that despises it, and shy away from that self-sacrifice). And then, when they’re also too cowardly even to look directly at their own cowardice, they reinvent this “language of truth” shit and start getting really excited about literary witch hunting. Because there’s no consequence in the modern world for being a deluded retard. In fact, it’s actively encouraged! Delusional coping doesn’t threaten power. Charlton recently decided that the only moral thing to do these days is cut yourself off from the rest of the world and think about metaphysics without language. All I can think is I have more respect for a megacoomer than that. This is why I’m weary of intellectuals. I don’t exactly agree with Adolf Hitler on Christianity, but I’ll take one of him in a foxhole over a thousand Vox Days analyzing everything I say for signs of “pedophistry”.

These intellectual types were never honest, exactly, it’s just that the cost of speaking the truth went up and they were just selling novelty for upcummies. I’m not exactly innocent of that myself. Intellectual curiosity and stimulation is one of the well-defined consumer “needs”. The demand profile in their consumer base has shifted to Structure and Stability. And at the same time, speaking truth to power has become so personally expensive that it’s now an act of self-sacrifice where it used to be a way of peacocking, like being an athlete or in a band. So yesteryear’s providers of intellectual stimulation have rebranded themselves as neo-Gnostics preaching about Truth, but their hearts are far from it. (That’s a Bible reference for you illiterate Zoomers out there.)

“Many false preachers…” I’m not ready to accept that these are THE end times proper, but basically yes. We are in AN end time. What we do now will have massive downstream effects on the new form the world takes after this. But men without chests don’t “do” anything by definition. They criticize, or cower, depending on whether they’re afraid of you.

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31 Responses to Intellectuals as moral cowards coping by becoming fools

  1. Obadiah says:

    PedoGamma Pera!

    What does Rao now believe, did he ascend and become an Avatar of Shiva

    Gervais principle was implicitly Christian; he meant to describe the modern business org but also ended up described Edenism and society-at-large

  2. Heaviside says:

    >Content-wise, it’s E. Michael Jones with a coat of paint.

    I have no idea how you came to this conclusion.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “Intellectuals as moral cowards coping by becoming fools” or “why jesus was a carpenter and socrates a stonemason” even lil xi jinping had to dig ditches once for a living…

    my niggah it almost sounds as if YOU are telling the white man to come home this time?!? itz a faking miracle

  4. Mycroft Jones says:

    >I’m not ready to accept that these are THE end times proper, but basically yes. We are in AN end time. What we do now will have massive downstream effects on the new form the world takes after this.

    You’ve made a lot of progress, Aeoli.

  5. Dumbo says:

    RE: EMJ. This is your anti-Catholic bias speaking. He’s ok, if a bit kooky. I’m a Catholic. I don’t like the current Pope (nor a fan of Popes in general, but neither Dante was), but I prefer Catholicism to Protestantism. But, nothing against Protestants per se, if they choose to be so. Charlton is an (ex?) mormon and he has a very unusual and maybe unique view of Christianity, “Romantic Christianity”, which I don’t even know what it means. Vox Day is a gamma (ha!) obsessed with pedos and with Trump. He seems almost naive sometimes. Best.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >RE: EMJ. This is your anti-Catholic bias speaking.

      Only in that Catholics have always been postmodernists. But I’m cool with most of them because, like most normies, they don’t feel the need to live by it, except when they’re doing tactical nihilism in defense of their group. I can respect that, so long as it remains defensive.

  6. MM says:

    >All I see in all these new religious ideas is “COPE COPE COPE”. How many times do you have to see this sentiment to see the pattern?

    As I’ve said before, it does not inspire faith. This goes beyond religious ideas, to near the entirety of human thinking.

    >I don’t know what happened to Rao, but I know it did because, as ZHP Lovecraft pointed out, due to his new beliefs he will never write anything as good as the Gervais Principle ever again.

    He is a walking shell of a man, having explored his ideas to their conclusion (existential nihilism), he is lacking in ability to strive for an idealized future. Increasingly, he dons the skin of the socially accepted paradigm, to feel ‘a part’ of something (one last grasp at a ‘forever and always’ through what has been socially mediated as meaningful. Tale as old as time).
    Maybe he even thinks he really believes it.

    His life is now the life of Stanley Hudson as described in the Gervais Principle (I believe part 2):
    “This here is a run-out-the-clock situation”

    >Only in that Catholics have always been postmodernists

    They arent the same things of course, but pre-modern and post-modern (zeitgeist, not whatever the actual ideas are that nobody* reads) should be way too close for comfort for the champions of either side.

    “Those [facts and logic] are not the only kind of information, or even, in my opinion, the most important kinds of information.” Aeoli, 9/9/20

    “That may be ‘true’ but its not MY TRUTH”- Modern Woman after philosophy 101 and Instagram.

    I’m just busting your balls with above quote, but general point stands.

    In any case, thankfully (?), people are morons so it all keeps moving without hiccup. Turn mandala, turn.

    Fashion>Substance because people are gay. You are gay.

    (I’m liking these longer, more substantive, more angry poasts btw. So many thoughts, have to pick and choose what to respond to)
    (* I intend to actually try to understand it at some point, as ZHPL has devoted some time to doing)

  7. juts a prank bro says:

    8lllllllllllllllllllllllD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  8. Curt Doolittle's Trapalicious Femboy Finance Minister says:

    Kurzgesagt Doolittle’s low-context, high-impact prose touched my pretty man-made lady parts in ways no sperg ever should! I had no idea that new religion of Propertarianism was so surprisingly compatible with my personal philosophy of working at Femboy Hooters under the table, yet here I stand. His complete and total FAILURE in Virginia leaves me wondering what I’ll do with myself after his inevitable downfall. My family already disowned several times me for being weird, so I can’t go back home. And my job got laid off because of covid!!

    As evidenced by his recent post, which is NOTHING LIKE THE POSTS HE’S BEEN MAKING SINCE FOREVER, he doesn’t have much time left. If he weren’t responding so POORLY to his recent HUMILIATION in Virginia, maybe I’d have some better options, but, NO, he had to give a bad speech like the NO-TALENT RETARD that he is!!!!1 If he weren’t so FULL OF HIMSELF maybe he could have realized that his rally had been infiltrated by bad-optics hortler-larpers!! What a loser!!! There’s no way anyone could recover from such a thing. His methods and legal framework are clearly WORTHLESS, and it’s time to move on!

    • The Game Master says:

      Wow. You didn’t have to approve those joke comments lol. That was really nice, so I’ll *try* to be serious for a second. It’ll be tough, though, since the world that we live in is so absurd sometimes that I have to laugh at it until I’m out of breath and my sides hurt. It’s almost as if I fell asleep in an ideal realm of pure Logos and found myself in a sanity-destroying Lovecraftian nightmare, but that’s just crazy talk.

      Curt is actually a good guy; however, he’s too autistic to effectively inspire most people. He can understand people intellectually, but he struggles to relate to them instinctively. Propertarianism is a value-neutral non-religion. Use it to ensure that you’re not treating people unfairly. Use it to make sure that you aren’t lying to yourself and to others. Don’t try to make it into a positive system of theology or philosophy. Look elsewhere for these things. Curt can’t do theology or philosophy, and he knows it. When he does address these subjects, he fails to communicate using only a single, doctrinally pure religious frame and, therefore, ends up offending a lot of people. Don’t take it personally. He offends me all the time, and I still like him.

      That being said, his uprising, if it ever happens at all, will fail to achieve anything desirable. This isn’t because his proposed constitutional reforms wouldn’t lead to a more just and prosperous society. It’s because the current system will act to protect itself, and Curt’s movement doesn’t have the organization or the manpower to succeed at much more than Facebook sperging. His aspie revolt *may* succeed in inconveniencing a few Boomers through acts of sabotage, but that’s about it. The resulting power outages will cause the value of timeshares to plummet dramatically, but they won’t help to topple the current regime or to pressure it into accepting any reforms.

      Anyway, in conclusion, Dickie Spencer taught me to enjoy the silence, Joe Biden is a creep, and everything I say is right.

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