Re: neanderthals and the Ginger Question

As far as I understand about the anthropological evidence (which isn’t much), there was a big fuss back in the day about neanderthals being the source of red hair, then there were a bunch of counterarguments, and we’ve sort of moderated to the opinion that it evolved during the Holocene. There are also a bunch of extremists trying to convince everyone that neanderthals were black, as well as being psychotic rapey faggot cannibal proto-Jewish supremacists, because that’s what people do on the internet.

So far as I can tell, all the mythical evidence points to neanderthals having had red hair. Gingers are associated with shamanistic characteristics in art and to a lesser extent in real life, particularly a sort of animistic cunning which mostly causes trouble but is occasionally so useful for getting out of a jam that we put up with them. I don’t have to know anything about the Frozen movies to guess that the redhead is the more impulsive of the two princesses. For more such associations, take a quick look at the wiki:

I also note that bit that Dutton keeps bringing up lately, which is that there’s a correlation between sickliness and gingerness up until a certain point, then you hit a sharp inflection point where the most ginger people are the healthiest of all. This is reminiscent of what Tex said about sapiens and neanderthal genes being “like oil and water” (and is analogous to the inflection point between GFP/testosterone/autism and intelligence at around the 130 mark). Then of course there’s the whole vitamin D thing, which only makes sense in the same low-light conditions that would produce those giant orbits they had. And last, nobody wants to have sex with gingers (of either gender, but especially males) so that there’s a huge individual reproductive deficit, which would beg the question if red hair isn’t somehow group selected.

Basically, if you think it wasn’t from neanderthals you have to assume red hair was just a big accident, which is funny for saying ironically but “j/k but no srsly” AMOGing doesn’t make for great science. Claiming that something is neither individually selected nor group selected (and frankly is just a giant, multi-millennia mistake of birth that should have been exterminated sooner) sounds more like devaluing narcissism than sociobiological consilience to me. But hey, maybe I’m biased here. I just trust me more than I trust all you people because, frankly, I’ve met some of you and have not been terribly impressed with your ability to maintain a clinical detachment in racial matters. And one of my observations that informs this opinion is that when people say other people do, say or simply ARE something “for no reason”, it’s because there’s a reason they desperately want everyone to ignore.

Based on the recent track record of anthropology, especially with respect to European origins, I’m going with the unanimous collective unconscious on this one. Red hair is probably from neanderthals.

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17 Responses to Re: neanderthals and the Ginger Question

  1. kensuimo says:

    Signalling mechanism for faeries, like

    As for “And last, nobody wants to have sex with gingers”: triangulate larger women.

  2. The Game Master says:

    >I just trust me more than I trust all you people because, frankly, I’ve met some of you and have not been terribly impressed with your ability to maintain a clinical detachment in racial matters. And one of my observations that informs this opinion is that when people say other people do, say or simply ARE something “for no reason”, it’s because there’s a reason they desperately want everyone to ignore.

    And I trust me more than I trust all YOU PEOPLE because, frankly, I’m literally right about everything ever. If you all weren’t so ARROGANT, maybe you could bring yourselves to admit it!

    Anyway, with normies, intellectual discussions are rarely about what they initially appear to be about. Keep that in mind. As The Right Based Doctor Eddie Dutton has said, “All non-autistics are LIARS.” (irreverent emphasis mine) Tactical nihilism is often nothing more than an attempt to trick you into doubting thoughts which are inconvenient for the apparent nihilist.

  3. William Owlson says:

    So when you say IQ/GFP/testosterone has an inflection point at 130, you’re saying that past two standard deviations of the population, these three characteristics would have enormous positive correlations with real-life success and health? Can you think of any other traits like that?

    What about the significant repercussions of having an IQ above 155, as linked to on your blog as well as discussed on it. Would there be two inflections for these types of things?

    Thanks Aeoli and hope youre feeling well!

  4. Robotnick says:

    I grew out my beard more than usual and noticed my mustache and soul patch area now have a noticably reddish hue. First pointed out to me by family.
    Rest of my hair is brown.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog says:

      Same here. The tip of my beard is reddish blond, and I’m barely even White. It’s a good thing that I made the cut on that one too or else I wouldn’t be able to passively benefit from the systemic oppression of minorities.

  5. Dumbo says:

    Seems fair. Neanderthals are usually portrayed with red hair anyway.
    But the real question is, do Gingers have souls?

  6. cameron232 says:

    The big, hairy Palestinian guy I work with (a really good guy-funny as shit) has red in his (mostly black) beard. Weren’t neanderthals common around the Med? I have heard multiple ancedotes of redhead Palestinians.

    Some have observed that red-hair is most common at the extreme east and west periphery of Europe – the Udmuhrts in the east and the Irish/Scottish in the west – sometimes interpreted as Neanderthals being pushed out by sapiens.

    Redhead girls here in the Southern USA often have bad skin- I suspect the same redhead living in west Ireland would be much prettier.

  7. ‘So far as I can tell, all the mythical evidence points to neanderthals having had red hair.’
    Red hair has been confirmed in Neanderthals, they had a mutation in the MC1R gene which creates red hair, but Humans have a novel mutation in the MC1R gene which is not derived from Neanderthals.

    Red hair does not seem like a Thal trait, how many geniuses had red hair? Galileo, Van Gogh, and Vivaldi are the only ones I know of. Red heads have mediocre intellects and unsubtle, external personalities, their personality is approaching the opposite of Aspergers. Red hair in Humans and Neanderthals in Homoplasic.

    • Obadiah says:

      ^Tentatively agree

      • Obadiah says:

        >Galileo, Van Gogh, and Vivaldi are the only ones I know of

        Also Aeoli and apparently Oliver Heaviside.

        “The Esau Question”

    • Obadiah says:

      We also think we understand everything going on with the MC1R gene but we probably don’t.

      Also MM has red hair hehe

      • MM says:

        only beard and certain body hair (lel) were red and for some reason it all turned brown

        re: gingers.

        There are deff diff strains. Nobody I knew in MS/HS really cared about the red hair, its just pattern matching the fact that a large minority of the people with red hair (which seems more orangey with these types tbh) have personality disorders and look like Untermensch:

        Nobody gonna say Nausicaa aint a snack. Or all the hollywood red head bitchez

        If they had ‘ginger face” tho…

        tldr: phrenology> hair color

        “what do they do” + “who are their friends” > phrenology.


  8. bicebicebice says:

    “Re: neanderthals and the Ginger Question
    Posted on October 5, 2010”

    heckin neanderthals!?! *YAWN*

    The white race is both morally and monetarily bankrupt so much so that selling foreskins wasn’t enough today the whole chillum gots to go “- Yeah.. but neanderthals had 200IQ! “. Who gets excited over this shit anymore? Why not just study the real unironic super-Übermensch who rule the planet right now?!? Besides they are the only ones doing anything with the unironic science of phrenology, big names like tex and koanic well they can’t even be bothered with it so why should you?!


    come home white man the future is now

  9. mas says:

    Agree with this. There is a strong tendency in pop culture to show red-haired thalish sperg characters, often in technical fields.

    Well-known Dexter

    In sci-fi series ‘Farscape’, the Kalish:

    “The Kalish are a Sebaceanoid species, roughly the same proportion body-wise as Humans and Sebaceans, with orange hair and pale skin […] However, it is known that the Kalish are highly intelligent and are especially adept in science, technology, and organization. […] Unfortunately for them, the Kalish are also a conquered species under the thumb of the Scarrans, and are forced to be their conquerors’ bureaucrats, technicians and intelligence experts.”
    Enslaved and forced to work in fields exploiting their IQ. Reminds me of thal history.

    You may find this archetype in Kid’s shows, also.

    “Doowee McAdam is the scientific partner of Sally Bollywood and the main deuteragonist of the show. […] Doowee has short spiky red hair. His eyes are brown, like Sally’s. […] Doowee is an intelligent boy who enjoys scientific things. […] Although he’s an early teen, he invents very complex detective devices and gadgets.[…] He has a great imagination, which he uses to design and construct very complex detective gadgets and devices. […] he can solely repair electronic devices”

    And many others.

  10. Robotnick says:

    Perhaps red hair in some melons is thallish genetic influence aiding in military prowess as with owl melons.

    William the conqueror, Empress Matilda,

    and her husband Geoffrey Plantagenet (Geoffrey of Anjou):
    “On his wedding day Geoffrey of Anjou was a tall, bumptuous teenager with ginger hair, a seemingly inexhaustible energy, and a flair for showmanship”
    “John of Marmoutier later described him as “admirable and likable…. he excelled at arguing… [and was] unusually skilled at warfare.”

    Not Theocrats like snake and archmelons generally, but warrior-monarchs

    Who says all thals have to be introvert and particularly driven to intellectual pursuits anyway? Im sure many throughout history have been doers, movers and shakers with overflowing energy and lust for life.

    Thal “introversion” seems perhaps just a shying away from incompatible croms and sapes of which are more prominent in the social landscape these days.

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