Re: Hillary declassification

A bit of speculation about the HRC declassification. I scanned through it and it’s very exciting stuff, i.e. good campaign material. The problem is I’m a cynic and I don’t believe for a minute that there are real plans to arrest Hillary. If I were writing this as a TV season script, this paints me into a corner if Trump wins reelection. This is assuming I don’t want to lose the Q people. They’ve shown a nearly infinite capacity for blue balls but I think this level of excitement, followed by blue balls, would take a lot of them out of the fantasy. So either I don’t expect to need their suspension of disbelief for much longer (i.e. Yellowstone), or I expect Biden to win so that Q people will have a political excuse to continue being extremely online (and politically engaged), or I’m making a mistake. Or maybe I’m not being cynical *enough* about the capacity of my audience to ignore information they don’t like (i.e. Q influencers, like flat earth, are a more grassroots phenomenon and require less pilpul to herd than I’m comfortable admitting).

Recent years have taught me that the primary mistake amateurs make in our considerations of intelligence operations is underestimating the level of talent, organization, and tradecraft. For example, I originally pegged Trump as a narcissist and an idiot, when only the former is true. Contra Q, these people are NOT stupid (though intelligence assets, e.g. Wolf Blitzer on Jeopandy!, are obviously quite stupid by design). Contra the common assumption, organized conspiracies are the norm (with the notable exception of white males being oppressed in anarchotyrannical, propagandistic societies), are the most powerful agents in human affairs and history, and are finely tuned with the help of big data and constant A/B testing. Since the Iron Law of Bureaucracy suggests institutions don’t do endgame planning, and I don’t expect this to be a mistake, I’m going to put the majority of the weight on the probability that Biden gets elected. To that end, I’m now betting 3:2 Biden > Trump.

The question now is how do I, the director, get Trump to manage the anger immediately after the election? Probably by promising a continuing “underground” Q resistance movement that can be allowed to peter out eventually and be replaced by whatever the next TV show is.

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5 Responses to Re: Hillary declassification

  1. MM says:

    yup. And the social media companies get to broaden their general censorship because nobody cares to defend these morons, especially if they morph, with Trump’s loss, into something even cringier.

    It would take some kind of truly amazing skeleton coming out of the closet for Biden to lose at this point. It looks like Trump is throwing it, but not enough to make him look like a supreme loser of course.

    Just like Trump’s brashness was normalized in 2016 (such that when Ted Cruz and co tried to do the same thing they were shocked to find double standards had formed) all of Biden’s issues have become passe.
    Conservatives can feel the winds in their gut, hence the insane ammo and storable food shortage.

    I could be wrong of course, I’m not even paying attention to whats happening.

    >maybe I’m not being cynical *enough* about the capacity of my audience to ignore information they don’t like

    probably, considering a Q supporter tried to crash the Trump train (ha!) into the USS Mercy and none of them cared. And nothing happened when neon revolt cracked and called BS on the whole thing (well… he did get instantly banned on all the major socials… funny that!)

  2. bicebicebice says:

    what is the reward for being right about a thing that leads to nowhere? you can say that you were right and rope in more rope-a-dopes because technically you are right however the thing isn’t going anywhere so just end up self-kevorking in the process tho you are in the game. guess those puas really did end up gaming themselves in the end huh?

    *NOOOO BICE IM SOLVING THE CONSPIRACIES WITH THE GANG ON THE INTERNET 2 MORE WEEKS* grow the fuck up please, I’m almost at the point of agreeing with muttman.

    heckin hillary clinton? lock her up?! *LOL!!!* 500billion to terrorist niggers 3 trillion to the zog and a picket fence to mexico, all social medias taken over by globohomo pedos (yes they are actually pedos see cuties but don’t see it), a complete and total surrender to saudi arabia the taliban the norks isis and commnunist china and another round of ceremonial surrender to israel, staffing your military with charicatures of human beings crashing battleships into each other, browning the west in the process.
    what kind of piss-brained moron gets excited over this shit? *eyy man we out there saving the west don’t be negative we are at the cusp of victory”……….

    you shouldn’t blogg about trump or the west not because you are wrong or bad at it but because itz pointless, same problems as the neanderthal question its basically digging up graves trying to throttle some life back into a dead ass skeleton motherfucker. if it worked for tex and koanic it can work for anyone.

    tell me where, on this picture, this phenotype indicates “saving the white west and the republic”, or even anything remotely having to do with concrete action other than singing (tweeting) the misfortunes of what goes on around them.

    Tex was right about one crucial thing tho, most whites are just cromag declining t-score leftovers paving the way for the sape-niggers to colonize more land under the gentle-whip of the melonboons and along those lines society is conducted and they are the biggest supporters of it all this DA JOZ cope be damned, whiteoids love this shit especially white americans.

    Imagine living somewhere that plans ahead for global domination during an unironic ice age who don’t give a shit about 4 or 8 year “presidential” internships under the zog. imagine that place.×768/public/d8/images/methode/2020/10/03/85366598-0545-11eb-88c7-25dcd0ae6080_image_hires_235256.jpg?itok=V5Bo8go7&v=1601740384

  3. chezgr@y says:

    Off topic but when I first saw a pic of the alleged whitmer k’napping ringleader and thought O no they got Aeoli

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