Semi-hard race realism

“Hard” race realism may be described as the belief that average differences between the races exist and are fundamentally immutable. For example, Africans have a lower average IQ and this will not change. This belief logically requires some form of Platonism and has to be force-fit (e.g. by Nazis and the Alt-White) into the Darwinist paradigm. It is explained at excessive length by Intelligent Dasein here.

“Soft” race realism may be described as the belief that average differences between the races exist but, because these differences initially arose from differential selection, these differences could be ameliorated or even reversed by future differential selection. For example, Africans have a lower average IQ but if eugenic conditions prevailed for long enough they could have an average IQ equal to or greater than Europeans in the future. This is, AFAICT, the default opinion of secular HBDers and the Protestant wing of the Alt-West.

I’ll define “semi-hard” race realism as the belief that average differences between the races exist initially arose from differential selection and could therefore change, but because the essence of race is pleiotropic selection and almost all of the traits we care about are also pleiotropic, it is impossible for a race to undergo such selection and remain essentially the same race. For example, Africans could undergo intense eugenic differential selection such that they had higher IQs than Europeans, but in the process they also would become a fundamentally different race. They would look fundamentally different, have completely different cultures incompatible with the old ones, develop new and different languages mutually indecipherable to the old ones, and so on. While it’s clearly true that high-IQ populations need not converge to the same appearance (etc.)–e.g. Asians and Europeans look different–it’s not obviously true that high-IQ populations can have the appearance (etc.) of today’s low-IQ populations–e.g. Africans and Australoids look the same via convergent evolution specifically to a 65-IQ niche.

Also, “semi-hard” calls to mind an unenthusiastic erection, which is amusing.

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13 Responses to Semi-hard race realism

  1. William Owlson says:

    Interesting…I’d say I’m a soft race realist in the idea that I think races can indeed change their genetic make-up substantially. However your findings under semi-hard seem to make more sense.

    I would like to get your opinion of African-Americans compared to motherland Africans. It seems as though they’ve been through selective pressures that differentiate themselves from their ancestors in some subtle ways. Also this might connect back to Neanderthals and how they themselves lived for thousands of years yet stayed genetically stagnant.

    Just some things I’ve been pondering on recently. Quite interesting that you posted this today since I admittedly was thinking about the African-American part and how they differentiate from their counterparts earlier today. Good syncing.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I would like to get your opinion of African-Americans compared to motherland Africans. It seems as though they’ve been through selective pressures that differentiate themselves from their ancestors in some subtle ways.

      I wouldn’t be able to comment on what’s nature and what’s nurture with any real insight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robert Lindsey had a blog about race differences among other things. I found it moderately interesting, and would dip into it from time to time. He had a Masters in Linguistics and regularly discussed different languages from around the world and how hard they were to learn. Some African languages he considered to be as hard as they come. Somehow he never related that to his views on the low intelligence of Africans.
    I’m agnostic about racial differences in intelligence and temperament. People talk about high African crime, but what about gangsters and corruption in Japan and S.Korea? Doesn’t ORGANIZED crime count? Lindsey mentioned some sub-Saharan African areas in which crime was extremely low, the reason being very harsh traditional punishments. Again, it didn’t occur to him that there might have been contradictions in his thought.
    I am Australian and I have seen a lot of aboriginal faces in real life. To me they look very different to Africans.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You may be a bad fit for this blog, or maybe just a bit autistic and sheltered. If you’re autistic and curious, I can refer you to some introductory material on this subject. You’re coming in at a pretty low level of understanding, and this post was written for people who are steeped in HBD topics (or in terms you might know from school, “scientific racism”).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did say I was agnostic on the subject of racial differences, which implies that I take claims about such differences in my stride and that I WON’T have a fit. I nearly wrote in my first post that one thing that keeps me on the fence is the disturbingly consistent g-loading that seems hard to explain any other way, including adoptions and mixed-race people.
    But anyway, thanks for taking the trouble to jump to conclusions about me. Much appreciated.

  4. cameron232 says:

    Based on some things Sailer has written, I get the impression he thinks low African ability is a tragedy – that it would be good to engineer equality if we could – we just in all likelihood can’t. My reaction was that I don’t desire to engineer equality – I’m proud my type is high-performing – why would I want others to share our success and become rivals? Or why would I want our distinctiveness to end (assuming we merged with them to avoid the problem of them becoming high performing rivals)?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s a positive ethnocentrism will-to-power thing. Some people have it more than others.

    • name says:

      Group level competition is eugenic. It sounds fun but either niggers managing to unlock the full potential of their Yakub genes or their complete extermination would count as our own mistake.

  5. Job La Salle says:

    I have always thought increasing Africans’ IQ would involve a process of gracilization. Practically-speaking it would most likely also include large amounts of admixture from Non-african races, either through conquest or intermarriage of the successful cognitive elites with like-minded people from other continents. The result might be something like high caste Jamaicans, who tend to have remarkably progressive physiognomy and cultured tastes.

    • kennethslatte says:

      Job La Salle, can you post some pictures of these progressive, gracile, high caste Jamaicans? Please and thanks.

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