The new sexual puritanism as side effect of faking genderqueerism and having to reject the advances of actual deviants

iSteve points out:

Do you ever get the impression that anti-racism training is a new multi-level marketing pyramid scheme?

He then quotes the following person’s “sales pitch”:

Stoop is a white, gender-expansive, queer, community organizer, creator, and strategist with two decades of people-engagement in non-profit, state, educational, and community settings. Stoop’s organizing has/is focused on anti-racism, accountability, civil rights, harm reduction/recovery, LGBTQ advocacy, grassroots/grasstops leadership development, and community mobilization.

In other words, he’s a fucking white male. Which naturally raises the question why he’s allowed to get in on the corporate shakedown racket. The answer, naturally, is he’s some kind of nebulously defined sexual deviant. Phrenologically speaking, he’s not all that unusual looking for a leftist white male (as compared to, say, the average Antifa mugshot):

If you met this guy on the street in Stockholm, and he were smiling and dressed like a normal person (and not a lesbian), you’d think nothing of it. So it’s unlikely he’s a freakish genetic mutant.

This raises the possibility that he’s engaging in what Jonathon Haidt calls “motivated reasoning”, i.e. making shit up, except you also believe it to protect your ego and sanity. Or more commonly, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

The trouble with pretending to be a sexual deviant when your natural inclinations are actually pretty…well, natural, is that you have to surround yourself with deviants who want to do stuff you’re not all that interested in doing. Otherwise, you might get caught using the slang wrong and have it discovered that what you’re really into is less BDSM or LQBTQ and more P-in-V with T&A. This lends itself to discovering one is actually pretty asexual in practice.

Since being a nebulously defined sexual deviant is a quick ticket to Brahmin caste membership in our society and therefore a marker of massive social influence, it is currently in vogue among teenagers. It strikes me that the supposed puritanism of many young people today can possibly be described by this dilemma. Abstract notions of gender suddenly become very concrete when the strap-on comes out, at which point it’s just good sense to notice you have a headache today. And are scheduled to have a headache tomorrow. And the day after.

It’s just a theory though, I suspect the larger effects come from k-selection, infantilism, and general economic insecurity among the younger generations.

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11 Responses to The new sexual puritanism as side effect of faking genderqueerism and having to reject the advances of actual deviants

  1. cameron232 says:

    “This raises the possibility that he’s engaging in what Jonathon Haidt calls “motivated reasoning”
    So men in the manosphere often talk about female solipsism/rationalization. Is this an example of Haidt’s motivated reasoning/making shit up? Not knowledgeable enough about the blog to know if you agree with the hypothesis of female solipsism.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I do agree with the idea of female solipsism, and no it’s not an example of motivated reasoning. It’s less protective stupidity and more a real disinterest. Women have never needed to understand men, so they don’t bother.

      • cameron232 says:

        Men are motivated by female beauty/sex. Women know this so there’s no need to understand much more since that is so powerful and fundamental. This is why women in general aren’t motivated to understand men. I completely agree with you.

        However, I don’t know if this is the same thing as female solipsism. Female solipsism seems to be the observation that women are less oriented towards objective truth and more towards the subjective and towards feelings. From this, they can and do create (false) realities in their head that they actually believe.

        • respectful and law abiding citizen says:

          A general disinterest in anything but yourself and your own feelings is what female solipsism is. I imagine beating them would motivate them to invest more resources into building a theory of mind.

          • cameron232 says:

            Maybe. Women (at least a fair number of them) can be very selfless e.g in their care of young children. So they seem interested in something besides themselves . Maybe it’s their feelings they are mostly interested in (as you suggest)? I could see where maybe it’s their feelings driving even their dedication to child care .

            When I hear the guys talk about female solipsim I think of women’s ability to make shit up and really believe it. “Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape me!”

            • cameron232 says:

              So – just a hypothesis – solipsism is a women being driven by how things make a woman feel – as you suggest – such a person wouldn’t be real interested in how men (or anything for that matter) work. Note: men are vastly higher in the behavior/personality called systematizing.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              It may be easier to conceive of it as women being lower in generalized intellectual curiosity and realism (disagreeableness) on average, combined with a lack of specific incentives to understand the things we care about as men. Some of them do have a bit of intellectual curiosity, and they can be very analytical about things they want to understand. Try learning about makeup sometime if you don’t believe me, it’s a very analytical skill.

        • ambiguity says:

          >Men are motivated by female beauty/sex
          This is in itself way too broad of a generalization to be fundamental. What’s motivating about either of these things, and when are they motivating? I think this is only true when a man is horny. I also don’t think this is what Aeoli meant about women not needing to understand men. There’s a lot more instincts involved between a man and a woman that benefits the woman fundamentally, similar to parental relationships, so I would agree with Aeoli but not for the reason you’ve attempted to outline. I honestly don’t know what men in general are motivated by other than acceptance by peer groups, perceived peer groups, or general (not exclusively female) beauty. Your assessment is very alien to me and a bit cynical.
          Female solipsism is identical to the mindset of an immature kid who hasn’t experienced enough hardship to understand that the universe isn’t centered around them.

          • cameron232 says:

            I guess I just meant that female beauty/sex/quality children is about all we get out of women (that we can’t get from men). Peer group respect is from men. Our interests wrt the male-female relationship are pretty simple – so women just had to be pretty/sexy – so no motivation to understand men. Again just hypotheses.

  2. Blunther Hiden's Unintentionally Photogenic Borosilicate Crake Pipe says:

    Just tell the corporate overlords that you’re a genrequeer, androgynous, ghey lesbosexual tomboy with a Dickie Spencer haircut who is exclusively attracted to 2-D amine characters and can only have intercourse by way of zis in-simulation, trans-Black, masculine femboy avatar. Act like you’re a weird freak who is absolutely disgusted by even the thought of flesh-and-blood meatspace secks. Also, carry a fake bottle of medication and pretend to have a severe migraine condition. That’ll show ’em what’s what! Don’t let them catch you with any actual wahmens, though, ‘cuz that’ll ruin the trick.

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