tl;dr of Charlton’s new religion

Summarizing from, among other recent posts,

1. Human spiritual capacity for resistance of evil (via repentence) is limitless.*
2. Evil, characterized by the Big Lie, always requires the supposed victim to be at least somewhat complicit.**
3. Because 99% of people are being subjugated under a regime of lies, they are complicit in it and de facto psychopaths.***
4. Therefore 99% of people deserve judgment and hellfire. ****
5. Therefore there’s nothing I can do with them and I’m emotionally checking out of the human race.*****
6. The only thing left for me to do on earth is masturbate.

You’ll please note that, like the internet Nazis and their worship of Hitler, this chain of reasoning was inspired in reverse order. This is because System 1-style motivated reasoning is where ingenius intuitions come from, and it can therefore be tempting to assume that all intuitions by a genius are therefore ingenius. Of course, this isn’t true. In the course of producing more shit than anyone through obsessive compulsion, we also produce more bullshit than anyone.

So Charlton’s new religion began, like all forms of masturbation, as a generalized frustration with social relationships failing to fulfill his emotional drives. I can understand this! The trouble is that masturbation also relieves you of the need to develop new skills for new problems, which breeds future social frustrations like a population of rabbits. Don’t let this happen to you!

*False. Strength is given by the grace of God, and sometimes he doesn’t give it.

**False. See abortion.


****False. 100% of modern people deserve judgment and hellfire. See also, Rule 3: “When you find yourself thinking 80-99% of these fucking peasants need to go it’s time to take a break, go to a safehouse, and maybe get drunk with an old war buddy to get it out of your system.”

*****Many such cases. Sad!

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  1. Obadiah says:

    “Stump Thumper” edenism faction

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