Talk about Finklethink

It’s not Israel meddling in our elections, it’s the Russians. It’s not Israel meddling in our elections, it’s China. And if you say it’s Israel, say goodbye to your job and all your electronic payment processors. We’re working on the cash thing. With that it mind, don’t you agree it’s actually China meddling in our elections and not Israel? This gun to your head says it’s China, you should really listen, it’s a very smart gun. It has an IQ higher than Nassim Taleb.

Q-tards think it’s only natural that all of these exciting CCP leaks would happen 2 weeks before the election, not that it would be necessary for the TRUMPSLIDE. It’s just the natural unfolding of world events and also 4D chess at the same time. Which sums up the central conceit of Q quite nicely. All you have to believe is that everything that happens in politics is both a plan and an accident of organic processes at the same time. Call it political compatibilism. Except in this metaphysics, Trump is the son of God and Q is his prophet. It reminds me of that medieval religion where a bunch of people tried to swim to Israel and they all died. WERE SWIMMIN TO ZION LADS LET”S GOOOOOO

But hey, at least no one can call you anti-Semitic. You’re taking that much, much more dangerous stand of criticizing the communism of Chinese elites. You know, like Xi Xinping and…other Chinese names. We all know who we’re talking about ;-). Just think of all the danger of taking on that sacred cow in America. Very brave. And I guess Steve Bannon is cool again? It’s getting to be like the lefty newspeak where you need a newsletter to keep up with who’s /ourguy/. Can we airbrush Bannon back into an old photo with Trump?


The FTN Finklethink segment can be found here.

If I actually were a melonhead and not just LARPing as one, I’d start a brick-and-mortar Q-anon church and collect tithes. These people don’t even believe in cause and effect, so you can claim credit for literally anything. “Oh yeah, those Hunter Biden leaks? That was us. That was YOUR MONEY at work. Pass the basket and fight the good fight!” My dad is going to be on the hook for bets to six different people if Hillary isn’t arrested in the next four days. You could scale that up easy by whipping people into a group frenzy then telling them to put their money where their mouth is. Could do it as an Amway thing.

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  1. The Holocaust Happened says:

    Look, Israel is our greatest ally, so, if my preferred candidate loses, it has to be the Chinese because my candidate is more worthy than the other guy. There was an Asian man down at my local polling place, which means that the election was fake, and my party’s apparent lack of popularity is clearly the result of China’s stealthily and successfully executed plan to hack the voting machines. Unless, of course, my preferred candidate wins, in which case the election was a genuine expression of the will of the American people, and anyone who says it was the Russians is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. After all, I believe in democracy.

    Of course, I don’t mean this in a racist way or anything. I treat Chinese people with suspicion for purely ideological reasons. I mean, only an ignorant bigot would care about anything as irrelevant as race. I love people of all races, especially those of the Jewish religion. Anyway, before I go use my thoroughly uncancelled credit card to acquire goods and services, I have to ask a question: If SJWs always lie, what happens when an SJW tells you that he’s lying?

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