How to fix knee pain from running

Any tips for knee hurty from running?

Knee hurty is called “runner’s knee” and is caused by overdevelopment of muscles on the outside of the leg pushing your kneecap inward. It feels like a more structural problem but it’s really not. The way to fix it is get big leg muscles in general, in particular the lower inner quadricep that gets targeted by short-angle quad extensions. I actually fixed mine by accident by getting into cycling instead of the quad extensions that physical therapists will recommend. Haven’t needed a knee brace for running since the first week of bike riding. The pain went away completely. So now I can run any volume I want without knee problems. If you want to do that, get one of these and a basic bitch bike so you can ride indoors:

(The person who asked this lives in a rural place that isn’t conducive to outdoor cycling. That’s true for most Americans, although most at least have access to gyms with stationary bikes.)

One thing about indoor cycling: plan your entertainment needs ahead of time. Indoor cycling is brutally boring and you won’t do it unless you have something else to pay attention to.

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4 Responses to How to fix knee pain from running

  1. Nottuh says:

    I would recommend getting stronger hamstrings tbh. Having weak hamstrings relative to quads is a common source of knee pain from what I’ve gathered.

  2. ChiroCarl says:

    This is a great watch if you want to stop certain types of knee pain

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