Massive cyber attack on the internet right masked by election coverage

Something that’s being intentionally lost in the election coverage is a massive cyber espionage campaign that was waged against right-wing platforms yesterday. I’m calling it a cyber attack and not “deplatforming” based on the results. Here’s the data I’m working from:

Note the datestamp on that was Monday, so we can confirm this person made a good prediction.

Bitchute is currently back up, which leads me to believe this was an attack from the outside and not a deplatforming decision from the inside (their service providers). You don’t move that much video content to a backup plan in minutes, no matter how good your plans are.

It’s unlikely that corporate actors would have the wherewithal to carry out this complex of an attack on a social network across several platforms. Again, this looks like a highly organized state intelligence agency engaging in cyber attacks against well-mapped social networks. I can only speculate as to which state government has a sophisticated spytech agency, a grudge against the anti-Semitic right, and the backdoor access to all of these platforms necessary to map out these social networks in such detail that all of their secret chats can be tracked down and eliminated. Maybe it was COMMUNIST CHYNA.

My last data point is that The Right Stuff has gone behind Cloudflare at least as of this morning, possibly earlier. This is the most surprising of all. Cloudflare cucked bigly on The Daily Stormer after Cville, so there are some hard feelings and serious apprehensions Enoch would have needed to get over to make that call. They must have decided the DDoSing was the more urgent and pressing problem and went for the sure thing.

Speaking of The Right Stuff, if any of you people read this blog let this election be a lesson to you to stick to your guns with respect to your predictions. Either trust that you did your superforecasting homework as well as could be done, or keep working on it. There’s no replacement for rigor and this is literally your job now. If you’re giving in to gaslighting you aren’t doing a good job. Unfortunately, I don’t know an easier way to learn rigor on this level other than writing up modern physics lab reports to show how counterintuitive findings are logical and in keeping with data you took yourself. There’s probably an easier way but that’s how I learned it.

If you can’t trust yourself you can’t trust anybody, and then you might as well cut off your dick and get in line for the woodchippers. But you have to earn your own trust, there’s no faking it deep down.

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10 Responses to Massive cyber attack on the internet right masked by election coverage

  1. Big says:

    Gonna catch up on some todo’s. The backup of Vault-co had hosted disappeared recently. Here’s a download of it:

  2. Here's How Blumphf Can Still Win says:

    I’ve been watching the numbers, and I unironically believe that the election results are fraudulent.

    I ironically believe that, after they gay-op her into the White House, Kamala won’t be the first female POTUS, though, because she’s actually a tranny. We now live in a world in which the reanimated corpses of long dead Republican voters head directly to the polls after leaving the cemetery in order to vote for Biden, so why shouldn’t we have a Jamaico-Indian transgender individual who favors the oppressive, economy-destroying coof-containment protocols in control of the nucular codes? Maybe Blumphf will successfully contest the results, but that will lead to riots. So, if nothing makes sense anymore in 2020 because the world has been swallowed up by an inescapable swirling vortex of chaotic lunacy, then why fight it? Let’s eat popcorn instead. The election isn’t a tragedy; it’s a comedy.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “Here’s How Blumphf Can Still Win says:
      November 6, 2020 at 3:19 am”

      ITZ THE POAST but heres a caveat; when you don’t even vote in 2012 against the rent boy obongo, you don’t really have a right in my book to complain about any outcome, the comedy is of course that beijing biden will shut down little aeolis blogg using chinese law leading to the ” SEE I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG” he could never be bothered fighting against, much like tex ran out of ideas on his little blogg and suddenly evil google was going to ruin his life if he didn’t “comply with the agenda”. Pretense pretend people love excuses only koanic has been honest about being a chinese communist which is the second post in his blogg koanicsoul no jew needed to crafta goylem to do his bidding, just get the tharded people on the job for free!

      there is a cast with boneflour where aeoli literally says he was too blackpilled to vote in 2016, as if drumphies “miga agenda” was ever the real reason, ever, again he couldn’t be arsed about voting against obongo. no need for a “ANTIFDA CLOUDFARE DDOS ON MY RIGHT STYFF”

      It makes me fucking sick because the pattern is clear; not a single AMERICAN rightoid on the internet ever gave a shit whereas I in every election I have voted against my economical and social standing interests much like any unironic european rightoid.

      Going forward, please don’t even insinuate any “resistance” or “injustice to me by the system” ever again you are misleading new people who reads this shit even if it brings in the views the comments the t-shirt raffles and the likes, nobody on this planet Earth should ever bet on neanderthard. The rancor against the treestump is crystal clear, even the most miniscule of tangible change is anathema to the internet thard and heres the real kevork even I don’t understand, after coaxing aeoli to redeem himself this entire year by taking some real action:

      *Ahem*; aeoli can’t even be arsed to defend his blogg by voting against the people who threaten to take it away from him (if you believe these kinds of blogs exist in CHYNA you are a real fucko), even obongo could have snatched it form him. Remember that detroit blogg?

      As funny as it its that Edenism has itz roots in pua-the other side being mgtow so much so that they even vanished from the internet aka it doesn’t mean anything if they can’t even have anything on here-don’t let the 10 000posts fool you-itz not an indication of anything.

      “nah bice voting don’t be changing any..事情” the good thing about a biden presidency is that estrogen is on the taxpayers dime so the deception the pretense and the charade can be dropped now.

      looks like another victory for white males playing with wooden swords and clubs-painted with runes mumbling something about jews who can’t be arsed to mosey down to the booth

      there should be a theory made about pretending to do something for more than a decade but never doing it while still letting it take up the majority of not only your time but also your supposed “destiny hangs in the balance”… you should make 6million posts about how agenda 2030 is bad and how you intend to do nothing about it or maybe *SNORTS BACKA HOWLING LAUGHTER* spread awareness about it on the internet *chuckle*

      Maybe koanic, or tex-living in vassal melbourne, can give you a crash course in mandarin specifically the allowed words you can pretend-blogg about aka business as usual?

      NIHAO and fuck you cowboy “if you do nothing you win” 共產主義革命萬歲×800/public/images/methode/2017/07/02/3eb4c906-5e7d-11e7-98d7-232f56a99798_1280x720_005110.JPG?itok=DtCNyUZi

      You deserve to have everything taken away from you when you can’t even show up to support the only man in america fighting to let america-and the whole world not become a chinese playground. Shame on you aeoli you fucking nigger kike delet your blogg you fraud

  3. Aldon says:

    Just a bunch of video game posting that’s posting.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I can respect thinking FF7 is overrated. But not including it in the yes list is worthy of ridicule.

      • Aldon says:

        I mean it was transparent L*ftoid propaganda and wasn’t even well written about it. Cartoonishly evil corporation who’s bad from muh killing the planet and not from using wokeness to shove Kunta Kintes and Achmed into Whitey’s neighborhood. President trying to steal some random midget plane instead of using any of the other flying machines in his fleet. Nigger with gun. If anything, it’s a sign that video games are no better than all other forms of entertainment in that it’s fundamentally pozzed.

  4. Aldon says:

    More recommendings or critique:

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