Dome aesthetics: The firmament ordains and blesses the avatar beneath

(More Owlpoasting.)

The Twitter guy is waxing a bit lyrical about a thatched-roof house but the interior is admittedly comfy af.
The cool thing is that, like Rwandan genetics, it’s like a halfway point between Arab sheik and African chief.
You can imagine drinking coffee on the floor in here.
Or visiting a shaman for hoodoo healing.
The interior is like a 3rd-world colonnade. Gives the impression of being in the woods. Big, thick columns suggest older trees, but both young trees and old trees suggest mysticism.
When speaking of groups of similar trees, that is. A single tree usually connotes tribe/family.
Curiously, I haven’t got a mental category for domes yet.
The whole Eye of Sauron in this one is pretty Ahrimanic…and for some reason now I feel like all domes are Ahrimanic.

Places of power/divine sanction

Go on.

Always figured it was a representation of one-on-one communication with a higher divinity
The god bestows approval on the space under the circle
The cathedral is a particular christian version of this

I seem to recall Jordan Peterson’s dream where he received his messianic calling was in a dome that was also a Cathedral.
I’ll look it up.

But even, say, the Capitol Building in DC has a huge dome
With a painting of George WAshingotn as a god
Hagia Sophia was built like this
And various roman temples as well,_Rome

“I dreamt one night during this period that I was suspended in midair, clinging to a chandelier, many stories above the ground, directly under the dome of a massive cathedral. The people on the floor below were distant and tiny. There was a great expanse between me and any wall—and even the peak of the dome itself…My dream placed me at the center of Being itself, and there was no
—12 Rules for Life
Obviously the Dome of the Rock fits the bill.

Interestingly, the most holy parts of the dome of the rock are the underground cave

Even weirdo rationalist Buckminster Fuller wasn’t immune.
The original Koanic.

Was about to touch on the sky god/chthonic deity distinction
Suspect it’s partly an exoteric/esoteric thing
Big temples for the public while the mystery cults met in caves (Mithraism being a notbale example of this)

Sure, with the easiest interpretation being conscious/unconscious.
Objective/subjective, rational/irrational.

this, of course, implies something interesting about the cave in the dome of the rock

It has a very Alex Jones David Icke vibe.
Muslims are more typically Gnostic than Christians are, but this implies mysticism.

There are a number of Muslim sects that tend towards the mystical
Sufiism, most notably, and nobody really knows what the Druze beleive (except the Druze)

Despite my feelings on Charlton descending into a knockoff William Blake, this is a good definition:
“By contrast, Mysticism is the conviction that the bottom-line source of knowing is subjective and experiential. Personal and subjective is regarded as potentially ultimately real; indeed the primary understanding of reality is subjective, personal, experiential.
In short: Mysticism is a kind of experience; and for ‘the mystic’, Mystical Experience is primary.”
Basically a human reconstruction of the firmament.
This alone is interesting because it’s a subjectivist’s understanding of the thing which symbolizes rational order.
I think that’s the key.
My Pareto-efficient cipher for domes going forward is the mandate of heaven.
That which is at the center of the dome is perceived to be that which is ordained to move all creation.
The bigger the dome, the more powerful the mandate.
Literally “center of the universe”.
Center of the firmament.
Watched by the stars.
Concisely: the dome is that which ordains the Avatar.

very well put

Thank you.
The caves under the Dome of the Rock then would be “that mysticism which is blessed by Allah”.

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11 Responses to Dome aesthetics: The firmament ordains and blesses the avatar beneath

  1. Job La Salle says:

    That isn’t even the best thatched structure in East Africa. The Kasubi Tombs of Buganda are, according to wikipedia, “one of the most remarkable buildings using purely vegetal materials in the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa.”

    I found out about them while googling for pictures of Buganda’s old capital, which probably had the closest thing to architecture in Non-Arab Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Aeoli, what is your take on the Basilica of the Uganda Martyrs?

  2. Platinum Plan Blackflour says:

    *busts in this joint*

    AYO WHAT? HOL up… This is a Kang house? Where the Mercys at? No air conditioning? And where are them big titty bitches?

    This man got ROBBED yall! He should have been an African warlord. Or at least in a rap music video.

    MY assthetic rating?
    0 outta 10, I can’t even SMOKE this grass.

  3. Aldon says:

    Off-topic, I compose a list of points to sum up my understanding of the world and what to do:

    1. All indigenous societies below a level of scale are homogenous and ultraviolent professional ritualists who have no notion of “the individual.” It took the coming of oligarthy (the earliest case being the Big Man making alliances with Smaller Men) to achieve otherwise.

    2. The “Right” should strive to build upon what was accomplished in the Paleolithic to Neolithic to Manorial Revolutions. The domestication of plants, animals, men, applied to the whole world, perhaps the universe.

    3. The “lowest form of theology” is outside of the already mentioned spear chuckers that of the likes snake churches. The highest perhaps select varities of Dharmic creeds.

    4. “The Left” opposes a properly arranged global order. One that respects the eternal order. The men on top wouldn’t carry out global domestication since they follow defiant theologies/ideologies like Jew Talk or seek to have hordes of Mutt Consoom Coom armies beneath them (while being a bit careful to not become trannies).

  4. Odious says:

    Dome as skull; intellectual self as center of the universe.

  5. aureliusrex says:

    Domes as symbols of Heaven, pretty universal eh? Even Tolkien put that into his mythos (the Dome of Varda). Plus circular spaces (domed when roofed) do the same, as in East Asia where the avatar is the Emperor / Son of Heaven standing in a circular sacral space.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Domes as symbols of Heaven, pretty universal eh?

      My assumption is that aesthetics are Jungian, and therefore as universal as our primitive (primate) human psychology.

      • aureliusrex says:

        Well yes, it must have been pretty straightforward to ancient peoples looking at the sky / realm of the gods, wanting to replicate it here on earth to do with circular spaces and domes. It is all over the place in mythology, burned into our psyche, or perhaps an universal call from beyond?

  6. Pingback: Re: Basilica of the Uganda Martyrs | Aeoli Pera

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