Christianity and cannibalism reprise

A rant I did elsewhere doing a couple of bits that are old hat around here, but worth repeating and possibly better written. Started from someone else posting this:

1 and 5 would be ok if the authority and social culture were good.

That’s a very funny statement from the Christian perspective. I understand many here are not Christians, so I should explain the joke. The idea is that the human heart is wicked from birth and is only capable, at the very best of times, of being a bit less wicked. Our virtues are often just worse vices in disguise.

For example, white people being “nice” and having “nice” societies. This niceness is in fact an extended form of Darwinian reproductive competition which selects against, among other things, the lower middle class and men’s reproductive interests in favor of the upper middle and women. In a word, metaviolence.

The truth orientation of autism is another example, where it’s a survival strategy for genetics that basically continue to exist by getting scorned and cucked every generation. Truly “good” people are vanishingly rare and often better explained as mental illnesses like this.

So tl;dr, the idea of a moral society led by a good person is hilarious according to my priors. Humans would never allow such a thing to exist. It would hurt them on the inside to see it because we don’t belong in heaven. When we see something or someone unambiguously good, we crucify them and divide the spoils. We worship power because in the final analysis we’re powerless.

It’s a sort of cannibalism. tl;dr on that: We eat what we worship, because we try to become what we eat, therefore modern people eat the youth/Gen Z (Saturn eats his son). Christians literally/symbolically eat Jesus in the Eucharist. The idea being, presumably, that there’s always more where that came from.

Catholics specifically. Other denominations usually don’t do the eucharist.

All denominations at least take communion, which is the cannibalism bit. Hell, even Episcopalians haven’t fucked that up yet (to my knowledge).

Communion yes, but i was talking about the catholic style eucharist which is more different.

This is the important bit:

That’s a painting of Saturn eating his son. Traditions differ, people like to talk about “validity” of sacraments etc. like it’s a kung fu lineage, but there’s an objective “something” around which these things cluster. The Christian revolution is this idea that that which is eaten, is elevated and glorified. Because it’s a tacit admission of worship to want to absorb the virtues of something so much that you’d literally devour it. The ideal thing being to eat God, not other people. Hence the crucifixion. That’s where the idea of redemption comes in, where God makes use of our failings and turns them to good.

Once again showing, that anytime we do something right it’s by accident of being terrible people.

echoes ^

Jews are arguably the best humans that way.

wait, how? Because they devour everything in their paths and subvert everything else?

Because when I say “best human” I mean it as an insult. Being the king of clownworld means you’re the biggest, most dedicated, most talented clown of all, right? Same idea, and both Jewish Supremacy and clown world are objective facts. Elites engaging in ritual cannibalism of humans is the most predictable thing in the world. Worship men, eat men. Worship “culture”, eat the culture and shit it out in your own image. Look at what the Harry Potter fans did to JK Rowling. “The left always eats its own.” Whereas I’d only half-jokingly say the right just eats their words.

Man, this made me think of how as a parent you get this strong urge of hugging your kids to death. Or even. Eating them.

My wife and I say shit like : “I’m going to squash you.” or “I’ll eat you up.” but obviously in a joking way. I actually even nibble my kids. Again jokingly. 😅

And we’ve discussed it with each other. Pondering why the fuck we would do that. But it is so primal almost.

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13 Responses to Christianity and cannibalism reprise

  1. Obadiah says:

    i must be the pope of the church of pimento cheese and triscuits.

    this is also why kissing is so exciting, satisfying, and such a core element of human erotic experience.

    woman feels worshipped/worthy/needed/desired while the man is seducing her (heavy making out). then later after he’s conquered her it’s why her blowjobs are often more emotionally gratifying and electrifying than sex (he feels loved and appreciated).

  2. Obadiah says:

    Lip size is connected to generosity somehow.

  3. aureliusrex says:

    mmm… about that 1 to 5… 1, 4 & 5 in a good society yes, 2 & 3 not so sure, see:

    1 – Authority: Big yes, Authority flows from God to His Church and his anointed Monarchs down through hierarchy and institutions.
    2 – Intelligence: David Starkey would say that one does indeed need facts and knowledge as a basis of learning (as opposed to modern pseudo-education where they just teach lies and deconstruction), but would not equate the possession of them to intelligence. Rote learning has limited uses, so ½ a point.
    3 – Repetition: Good for drones I guess, but a rightly ordered society needs to be able to separate those who could and would do better with a more stimulating education style (as per Dutton??)
    4 – Non-Compliance: Another big yes, comes from point one really; from authority comes power and power enforces its will, or else you get mutants running (running!) the show.
    5 – Conformity: From above, non-mutants conform to a good and peaceful society. While we are all flawed, a nice society works to ensure we behave at our best (or else…)

    P.S. Newbie owl posting :)
    P.P.S. Well… I have been called eagle, hawk and bird in general, but not owl, so I guess it comes close.

    • Obadiah says:

      ^listen to every word of that song

      this is why lady gaga’s first two albums were killer: they’re honest

      the lyrics are basically ‘you amaze me boy, i want to suck your d and absorb your virtues down my throat. please eat me alive’ [killer-as-f*ck synth beat hits]

      ^its all about the honesty and expression of the desperate intensity of her very heterosexual desire.

      then she became a contrived pandering half-baked gay idealogue-cultist after exploding in popularity and everything she put out was very mediocre and ‘warmed-over’ feeling and sounding (overly deliberate self-conscious pandering to homosexual males rather than instinctually expressing her own real feelz)

      (in a sane world you would unironically have to be like 18-21 to listen to lady gaga)

  4. Obadiah says:

    the first thing i’m gonna do when i emerge from my behelit is save lady gaga from the fags

    • aureliusrex says:

      Meh… she can stick her blasphemy where she normally sticks so much stuff one should not be sticking in… if I were to be inclined to save anyone post power up would be poor Rowling, after her close encounters with the woke mob I think she can be redeemed with sufficient red & black pilling plus a re-reading of her own books (one of those accidentally insightful authors she was back then). Gaga was already too Gaga from day 1 to be helped I am afraid.

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