Speculative early hand-reading physiognomy (get these takes while they’re hot!)

Here’s the digit ratio study in question: http://scielo.isciii.es/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0213-61632011000100006

The first order of business is to decode this shit into something easier to read. High 3D:5D means you have a long middle finger relative to your pinky, which is a feminine trait under sexual dimorphism. “Externalizing” just means acting out (so think of having a long middle finger in order to better give SOCIETY the middle finger), whereas “internalizing” is how white women signal fertility (plaublible, ref https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/female-white-guilt-as-fertility-signalling/). However, as mentioned in the study 3D:5D doesn’t track well with a sex hormonal explanation to our knowledge. I would instead suggest the best explanatory theory is it predicts neuroticism and fast life history strategy. So where 2D:4D tracks the schizo:autism brain testosteronization spectrum, 3D:5D tracks the neurotic:resilient spectrum, i.e. R/k from African to Finnish. This is testable as “Finns will have shorter middle fingers, relative to their pinkie fingers, than Africans.”

As noted in the study, 2D:4D tracks very well with ADHD-I in boys: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2020/07/17/endogenous-personality-low-extraversion-high-openness-low-neuroticism-adhd-i/. See also “mappers” in https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/masculine-dark-tetrad-dynamics/ on the “magician” axis. (This also predicts terrorism, according to Diego Gambetta: https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691145174/engineers-of-jihad.) Whereas this 3D:5D maps to r/k and narcissist:altruist on the king axis.

Combined with this model we’re getting dangerously close to the prisca sapientia: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2020/10/27/quick-version-of-my-theory-on-spiteful-mutants/. (Because e.g. “genius” will correlate with 2D:4D.) We’ll have to burn my blog just to be sure.

Also, I need to throw this in here somewhere: 3D, 4D = 3DPD. You don’t want girls with long middle fingers because they’re nuts, or girls with long ring fingers because traps are gay. 2D anime girls, on the other hand, are both charmingly feminine and psychologically resilient via k-selection. They didn’t even need to read Seligman. I forget who in the PUAsphere pointed this out, but a big component of male attractiveness is the ability to deal out damage and a big component of female attractiveness is the ability to absorb damage.

Anyway, 2D All Day = 2DAD. So the full poem is:

3D 4D, 3DPD,
2D 5D, 2DAD.

That’s so beautiful I’m crying. Literally crying right now.

I should make the associations between these digit ratios and the cycle of history explicit since we’re already here and on a roll.

-High average 3D:5D and high average 2D:4D predicts spiteful mutants.
-Low average 3D:5D predicts k-selection.
-Low average 2D:4D and low average 3D:5D predicts genius per capita.

Re: Pyrrhic Cycle, 2D:4D would be the x-axis currently marked R-selection (from feminine lawless to masculine lawful) and 3D:5D would be the y-axis currently marked k (from neurotic to resilient).

Prediction: White societies from 1400 to 1850 had historically anomalous low 2D:4D and 3D:5D ratios in the same place. Testable by digging up graves! Buying a shovel from Amazon. And a gun too, I’ll need protection since many European graveyards are now in banlieues. Maybe some rope for hauling out caskets…It’s suggesting I might also want duck tape, that’s always useful to have around. Hang on, someone’s knocking on my door.

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10 Responses to Speculative early hand-reading physiognomy (get these takes while they’re hot!)

  1. The Election Never Happened says:

    Your speculative theory indicates that I am probably a neurotic r-strategist with a highly masculinized brain lol. I don’t think that I’m especially r or K selected; hard r strategists seem more risk tolerant and more intrinsically socially adversarial, and hard K strategists seem nicer and less cynical. Anyway, this slanderous post shall not go unchallenged. I plan to do a thorough deboonking of it in the next exciting episode of Skeptic MagaZEEN.

  2. aureliusrex says:

    Dear Aeoli, isn’t grave digging like that sot of sacrilegious?? Maybe just go to some university / med college and ask for finger measurements of their skeleton collection. Given what they have seen and how crazy unis are surely your request will seem pretty tame!!

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