Misc thoughts re: 2030 national survival project

This may be useful: https://gavinboby.com/law-freedom-after-the-state/

Propertarianism, other than being woefully idealistic about masculine coercion being morally superior to feminine coercion, is not a bad add-on.

I should probably be putting a lot more time into pirating and organizing e-books for all the blue-collar trades. That project needs a catchy name, some kind of play on “Khan academy”. Also books and resources on bootstrapping production lines and automation in low-trust areas (i.e. short supply lines).

Might as well break this out into big categories real quick:
-Bootstrapping churches under duress
-Bootstrapping law under duress
-Bootstrapping education under duress
(Probably the best education against propaganda is teaching people how to do it themselves.)
-Bootstrapping modern production systems under duress
-Homesteading under duress
-Bootstrapping public utilities under duress
-Bootstrapping Al Qaeda under duress

Could draw a lot of historical examples from prisons, gulags, occupations, mafias. Should throw business-such-as-it-is in there as well. Basically, “how to organize and run a parallel society while under occupation/attack by a superior but extremely cost inefficient enemy”. Not super catchy. We can think of something later, or maybe do a caption contest!

I had the idea of doing something like a substack mailing list for IT people engaged in dissident publishing. E.g. I’d interview Mike Enoch about how to set up bitcoin as an extremely anonymous payment processor. Then write down what he says and send it out. Or just survey people about what kind of attacks they’ve been getting and what they know or need to know about defense.

Update: HA! Klan Academy.

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Maybe do this later?
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5 Responses to Misc thoughts re: 2030 national survival project

  1. chezgr@y says:

    Name the book ‘Muhajadeen Mindset’

  2. aureliusrex says:

    Aaah propertarianism, always so alluring until you give it a second thought! Not a bad add-on as you say though, but once we get to coercion, we get government. What Gavin Bobby and authors like Hoppe (Democracy, the god that failed) forget is the historical experience of societal/civilisational collapse in different time periods. Once the gleaming cities burn to the ground and the old overlords are overthrown you get some form of feudalism, where those with the power and leadership to provide for security end up becoming the new rulers, because humanity is like that. Happened after the Bronze Age collapse, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and in China every time the dynastic cycle got churning.

    Your Khan Academy project (maybe Charlemagne for Western audiences? ahaha) would naturally end up with a real-life Khan/King/Archon/Overlord taking the crown once the dust settles, and the people under his stewardship take enough land and amass enough resources. And thus a new civilisation is reborn from the ashes of the old, maybe better maybe worse, hopefully without much technological loss though.

    Still I’ll take note of your post, maybe I should read on mafias and guilds… mmm what about the Corleone Project… ugh I need to get better on sloganeering…

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