Jay Bhattacharya: A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

This is an excellent article in every way. The only problem is it actually addresses the problem instead of using Covid as an thinly veiled excuse to advance the interests of global Jewish tyranny, which is how policies get chosen and implemented. So it won’t interest anyone currently in power. If he’d suggested, say, putting GPS tracking chips in every child born in a hospital or legally reclassifying the elderly and infirm as a protein source, then he might have tempted a few of them to at least read it and do something right by accident.

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8 Responses to Jay Bhattacharya: A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

  1. Obadiah says:

    Not nearly enough bug milkshakes and adult diapers recommended in article. Kill-team has been dispatched to your treestump.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Team moving to capture target: Aeoli Pera. Healthcare Heroes will administer Soylent-based anti-Chlorox nanovaccine and perform choreographed dance routine

  3. aureliusrex says:

    Ah yes leave to a Brahmin to come up with grand strategy: Bhattacharya is a Brahmin surname from the north of India, though in fairness the other Indian doctor (Gupta) is probs from tradesman (Vaishya) stock.

    Anyways, I used to think, very early on, that the lockdowns could have some use had they been implemented very early (say January), but that is irrelevant now. Anyone with a little common sense can see that a year into this mess they do nothing but to bring torment upon millions, as you said for the sake of our overlords. For example, important figures in the governments of Mexico and Spain have said -publicly- how awfully convenient the whole thing has been for them and their little devious plans, without the cucked-out media even daring to question them on it. Then again, they are just middle management, THEIR overlords are the ones that we ought to worry the most… but THEY too are worried, the pandemic just about hit the news when the world economy was already heading down and their grip on the minds of the normies starting to slip up. In short, the Wuhan Virus is meant to destroy any and all attempts at opposing them, and to open the gates of Hell on Earth… Kyrie Eleison!!

  4. George says:

    This is an excellent article in most respects regarding the manipulation of pubic policy with regard to the so-called COVID-19 terror. But no authority, including this, has mentioned utilizing good nutrition and exercise to combat the illness. The doctor can, I suppose, be excused for looking to a vaccine or some other patentable potion, but he never mentions hydroxychloroquine! So he urges for a vaccine while ignoring nutrition and effective medicines. This is not particularly helpful.

  5. aureliusrex says:

    George, I think you ought not to be so hard on the brahmin, he is focusing on epidemiology and policy, the “macro” side if you may, as opposed to the “micro” which is treatment and prevention. The latter is what a doctor would, or should, advice for his patients, the Professor here is more interested on population level responses to the pandemic. As it is, while a number of anti-malarial drugs have already shown to be effective in saving lives and even as prophylaxis, in terms of communities and countries he is right… what it takes to put an end to this circus is herd immunity, which treatment does not provide for. My own rheumatologist has recommended a course of action with much of what you have mentioned (plus an extra dose of zinc), but even if all doctors followed suit it would not bring the disease under control until enough people become immune. Notice he and his colleagues are not proposing that we just wait for the vaccine, but that governments get to work on their policy proposals to build up herd immunity before the vaccines arrive to finish the job. Since we are governed by rapacious psychopaths however, we are more likely to see gladiatorial games with anti-maskers duelling antifa enforcers than anything even approaching a solution :/

  6. Big says:

    Still looking forward to the livestream, if that’s still a thing.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Still thinking about it all serious-like. One of these weeks I’ll get on a roll and get into the habit. I’ve been spoiled by always doing conversations with other people whose life trajectories then take them elsewhere. It’s like lifting partners except moreso.

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