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Extraversion and fast life history strategy might as well be the same thing

This study is like crack for people like me. I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed with a single blog post since 2015, so thank you iSteve for providing me with a peak experience. Table 2.The top 20 plot keywords … Continue reading

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Virtuous victim signalling predicts dark triad traits, re: the JQ

H/T iSteve: Signaling virtuous victimhood as indicators of Dark Triad personalities. Ok, E., Qian, Y., Strejcek, B., & Aquino, K. (2020). Advance online publication. We investigate the consequences and predictors of emitting signals of victimhood and virtue. In our … Continue reading

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Re: The Social Dilemma

*Legato Bluesummers voice* What will you do now, Jaron Lanier? Will you doom the human race to extinction with your childish ideals?

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Faith as trustworthiness – Charlton

This seemed pretty basic bitch to me, but I was reminded last night that what seems basic to us today wasn’t so basic when we were growing up, and that means it’s repeating something fundamental. And repeating fundamental ideas is … Continue reading

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If autistic guys have higher testosterone, would girls pick them in the T-shirt smell test?

I got back on the training plan a couple of weeks ago, so my libido is going a little nuts and in public I’m starting to give and receive the sorts of attention one does at these times. This got … Continue reading

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An unexamined cause of the Great Antinatalism

H/T Audacious Epigone for highlighting this comment by Almost Missouri. The AP mentioned later in the post isn’t me, it’s some smart guy. The government is going to tax everyone’s kids to pay for your retirement, so it doesn’t particularly … Continue reading

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Loose initial argument for heroism as addiction to altruism

This is approximately the sequence as it appears in episode 1 of My Hero Academia. What I’m getting at is the artist/writer is clearly illustrating a formative dopamine response, where a massive dopamine buildup is followed by a massive rush … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Even as late as World War 2 people would take this day off from hating each other to honor the birth of Jesus. So in that spirit, I’ve prayed that all of you have a great Christmas, especially if we’d … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: personality archetypes based on big data

Topic: Creation of personality inventory and typing system based on behavioral economics, as informed by Big Data.Best start would be to come up with names for the two poles of each of IBM Watson’s “Consumer Needs”: CuriosityStructureClosenessStabilityHarmonyLoveSelf-expressionIdealExcitementLibertyPracticalityChallenge E.g. The opposite … Continue reading

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Push-pull in practice

Following up on yesterday: The Bible says you should only fear God, but I think the fear of becoming morally disgusting falls under that because it’s just an abstraction of the fear of God’s judgment. I considered putting the Cenobites … Continue reading

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