This is pretty good

Despite my misgivings on Charlton’s new mysticism, he’s still very good when he grapples with and describes external problems:

I’m beginning to see a pattern where even hedgehogs can be pretty wise when experience turns them disagreeable, because they spend more time focusing on the problem’s intricacies and less time selling their childish golden hammers. Basically, idealists are all right to have around after they’ve had the idealism beaten out of them.

Re: Sorath,

Sorath (bad ending)

The Hulu show “Alone” has been teaching me a lot about this (especially what merciless critics my family can be when we’re mocking the contestants of a reality show together–the Shadow is a comedian that way). Even though I’m on the upper end of resilience, I’d still only give myself two months even if my diet of fish and seaweed were steady and reliable.

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3 Responses to This is pretty good

  1. Obadiah says:

    I’ve said edgelord things about idealism in the past, but upon further examination and reflection, I’ve recognized that I’m actually maladaptively idealistic (in terms of “personal standards” and such).

    “The idealist will try to attain a level of performance that his body and mind cannot actually keep up with, while the phlegmatic pragmatist will always try to obtain comfort”, to paraphrase one of your older comments.

    This probably comes from having high white matter or something.

    Instinctively, it seems like there’s a certain balance we should try to achieve between pragmatism and idealism that is similar to the balance between conscientiousness and associative horizon needed to keep your car on the road (too much CON, you veer off into the left into oncoming traffic, disrupting other people’s existence. Too much AH, you veer off the right into the ditch, disrupting your own existence).

  2. Obadiah says:

    I had a kind of psychologically-adaptive “narcissistic ego-idealism”, but never crossed the threshold into actual psychopathy.

    In Gervais terms, I was unable to weather the “sociopath reality shock”.

  3. MM says:

    Lucifer- Lux, yoshii (a strong aspect, that is), and traditional human life.
    Ahriman- Saginuma and the theo-normal bureaucracy (what modern society is now almost in totality) (the citizenry of the theo-normal are true nihilists, which may or may not happen with our general populace. I personally don’t think we will get that far before our own Kanno shows up).
    Sorath- Kanno and the egoistic transhumanists of our world (the current trajectory of our future)

    (any individual necessarily has a blend, and kanno manages to have alot of all three, and each can lead to the other in diff ways. IE- luciferian drug use/ dopamine burnout can downregulate the nervous system until the individual wishes everyone to suffer and the world to end)

    (The luciferic and ahrimanic impulses may still exist but the presence of sorthic features should be regarded as defining if they are at all strong)

    Via a different route this downregulation happens to Kanno starting at a very early age
    (power and alienation –> psychopathy —> profound solipsism, egoism, and the various sorthic shit which I honestly have a hard time parsing because thats exactly where the show gives zero answers)

    Appears to have been an actual nihilist, not a sorthic.

    “Only optimists commit suicide, optimists who no longer succeed at being optimists. The others, having no reason to live, why would they have any to die?”

    ― Emil Cioran

    Cioran was one of the champions of nihilism, though very basic bitch and contradictory, as often happens when someone writes euphonic aphorisms instead of thorough treatise. In any case, a true nihilist doesnt write aphorisms, and a true sorthic doesnt only jerk off for the last 10 years of his life.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he ended up hating himself, and living in fear and despair, there’s just not evidence of Carl wishing to harm ‘creation’ itself, or to make the world suffer with him.

    >In Gervais terms, I was unable to weather the “sociopath reality shock”.
    Keep at it, you’ve got plenty of time left (probably).

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