Re: sing-song Orthodox liturgy

Lizard King took me to a Russian* Orthodox divine liturgy. Orthodox is a meme on the Alt-Right, but I wouldn’t guess a lot of people are actually doing it. That said, a lot of middle class conservative Protestants are looking for somewhere to flee from liberal Protestantism (i.e. Gnosticism as in Niebuhr).

The entire thing was conducted in a sing-song chanting voice, which was interesting because a different part of the brain is used for singing than speaking.

My symptoms were that I had suddenly lost my ability to speak to human beings, even though I could speak normally while alone or when talking to my cat.


It was a confounding, maddening problem. I could sing fluently, albeit hideously, which was entirely normal for me. And I could recite memorized pieces without much of a hitch. But I couldn’t produce a normal, intelligible sentence in the context of a conversation.

Adams, Scott. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big (p. 8). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

In Metal Gear Solid, they have nanomachines that prevent people from saying “the Patriots” so those people get around it by referring to the Patriots using the sing-song phrase “La le lu le lo”.

*election steal confirmed

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7 Responses to Re: sing-song Orthodox liturgy

  1. Obadiah says:

    Shake: ego
    Frylock: superego
    Meatwad: Id

    Carl: God

  2. O-Anon says:

    shake: mm: king
    frylock: tt: magician
    meatwad: tm: lover
    carl: mt: warrior

    times the top (columns) by the side (rows) and you get a zodiacism (number 12)

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