That pretty much settles it

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There are no good women left. The remaining options are sluts with ~75% odds of divorce, moving to a different country, celibacy, or punishing sexually successful males. The latter is honestly the only option that would actually reverse these trends, but also is the only one requiring the rebirth of religion.

As I mentioned in a podcast long ago, the best case white nationalists can probably hope for is for white men to form rape gangs which eventually recreate the incentives for civilization as women demand patriarchal protection. The most likely case is South Africa where Alpha city slickers build larger and larger walls for their compounds to protect them from the negative externalities of their psychopathy, while their weaker and poorer rural cousins get ethnically cleansed by rape gangs of other races.

On what moral grounds could you blame them? Would you disagree that the white race needs to be culled and repopulated with people more like yourself?

(Epstein did nothing wrong.)


It’s not as much of a jump from this kind of situation to rape gangs as normies think it is.

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15 Responses to That pretty much settles it

  1. Too bad spontaneous social change has zero chances to happen.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      The typical social change in these situations comes from introgression and replacement. For women it’s a Xanatos gambit: get raped either by sexy barbarians or by sexy patriarchs.

  2. Robotnick says:

    That is alarming, and america is filled with sluts (and lustful dogs for men). Normies are gonna normie and today’s normies are dopamine chasers. Pity the whores and bastards.

    The thing is though, there are still decent women out there and they aren’t so horribly uncommon. A lot of those are probably women who had sex with one or so guys in a committed past relationship that didn’t work out. Who perhaps had liberal/non religious parents who didn’t teach them the importance of marriage etc… and don’t realize they’re waiting for a good religious/conservative leaning man.
    Are these women somehow worthless too? Am I naive? I have more than just hope and optimism to go on in regards to this.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      The graph suggests that women with only a few past sexual partners are now vanishingly rare (imagine zooming in on that slope as it goes deeper and deeper into that last percentile). I think it’s more that even decent women will have multiple past partners now because society tells them to and, being good girls, they apply moral effort to do what they’re told even when it’s against their natures.

      • aiaslives says:

        And they all have phones they check every other minute, which reinforces whatever crap they believe in.

        A big reason is that 99% of people don’t turn off the random news spam in the notifications. The second is youtube. These two corrupt everything they touch. Anything “recommended” is pozzed.

        I don’t think it’s possible to even get a kid through school without a chat application of some sort now. Let alone a degree or a job.

        You think posting on instagram / snapchat is gay? Well, r-selected alphas use their phones more than women. If she’s looking at her phone, she’s talking to *something*.

        Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a “phone face” in children now. You can tell which kid gets a lot of screen / meme time. Even second-hand information transfer counts.

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    Well, somebody’s getting laid. Same as always. The more saturated with cretins we become, the fewer decent girls there are.

  4. aiaslives says:

    That story really seared the chart in my brain.

    > as women demand patriarchal protection

    In idiocracy, the time-travelling hooker was the best choice “Not Sure” had.

  5. MM says:

    “Complaining about the nature of peasants is about as productive as complaining about the nature of women. We all need to vent from time to time, and indeed all true intellectual activity is inspired by a deep well of butthurt, but normies are what they are and there’s no sense in getting all nihilistic about it when Ganondorf still doesn’t have a sword in his head.”

    “When you find yourself thinking 80-99% of these fucking peasants need to go it’s time to take a break, go to a safehouse, and maybe get drunk with an old war buddy to get it out of your system”

    “There are no good women left… the best case white nationalists can probably hope for is for white men to form rape gangs”

    my opinion (not help):
    as you noted-
    “inflation occurred mostly in housing, food, and medical care costs: Those had average annual inflation rates of around 5% rather than 3%. The power of compound interest means those costs doubled every 15 years instead of every 24 years (rule of 72). Working backward, we can calculate that houses, food, and medical care cost doubled three times over a period when general inflation only doubled twice. That means, even speaking conservatively, we expect those things cost half as much in 1955 as they do now, proportional to other costs of living.
    This doesn’t even cover the decreases in economic mobility, which logically implies less opportunity today than in 1955, not more.”

    Ignorance of material wealth, its acquisition, and its protective strategies in the modern world has its consequences.
    The purpose of getting a wife is children. Even ZHPL has one.
    Game taught us that status (in all forms) and material wealth are the primary drivers of tingles.
    As you have said yourself, no adult believes in ‘love’ with no strings attached.

    Its frankly not even that complicated to protect your assets, really you just have to have enough prior to the marriage, or better yet a corporation, and siphon off enough of what you make in discrete physical forms. This isn’t too much to ask in comparison to saving the world.

    Of course, at your age, and with your dispositions, nothing is going to happen. So your despair is valid.

    The same goes for the societal level- white men will never form rape gangs (I have no problem with this…). The boys being raised on the ipads from age 2 probably wont be able to even get it up without the woman playing the role of their personal fetish.

    All that will occur is even more time being spent in worlds where they feel they can succeed- porn, vidya, internet, drugs. The grooming of a ‘beautiful one’ from mouse universe 25. As I will soon repeat, with better context, on one of your other posts- true nihilism isnt suicide, its going with the flow absolutely without care. Killing yourself, after all, takes work and conviction.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Of course, at your age, and with your dispositions, nothing is going to happen. So your despair is valid.

      Hey now, I’m not despairing. I’m extra special. Everything IRL is going my way lately.

  6. Bias Status: Gonvirmed says:

    I agree that all currently fertile women are used-up sluts who have been with too many guys, which is why I only date passably cute femboys. On a completely related note, in order to justify my pathetically desperate, abhorrent behavior, I’ve been working on a theory which will conclusively prove once and for all that traps are not in fact gay. I think that I’m close to a breakthrough. No homo.

  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    About eight thousand years ago, at the dawn of civilization and agriculture, we went through something similar and it lasted at least four hundred years,. For every man who reproduced, over seventeen women were reproducing.
    We don’t know how this came to be or how it ended.

  8. Anon says:

    It looks like Tex got banned from LinkedIn. Anyone know any other places he’s posting?

  9. cameron232 says:

    Two questions:

    What is the source of his data?
    If his data is correct, does the up/down tick coincide with the rise on online dating apps?

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