On the supposed conservatism of the American military

(Owl convo. I’m not 100% sure I haven’t posted this one already.)

So what’s the low-neuroticism take on current events?
Is it time to panic?
Will Trump declare himself the Constitution made flesh?

Panic is never a rational response, though it is an understandable one
Dem White House, Dem House, GOP Senate, GOP Court is basically a recipe for nothing to actually happen
Wall Street loves it right now because no way the Biden Tax Hikes can happen. I imagine Big Tech is also happy

I heard yesterday that the officer corps is 70% Democrat.
I’d like to go fact check that one quick.

Of course, I’m neither big money nor big tech, so while there’s less chance of me personally being molested, the instiutions that have potential power over me aren’t going to be preoccupied with other matters
i prefer it when the hungry beasts are distracted
yeah, do fact check that. 70% seems like a lot
Would love to see how that ratio changes as one rises in the ranks
I’m guessing you’d see a shift at the Captain/Major level, but I’m actually not sure how the change (if any) would look over time
I’d also get a kick out of seeing if there are diffferences among the various branches

My understanding is that Colonel is the beginning of politics.

Mine as well

“In August, Military Times released its annual poll of service members, one of the only political pulse readings conducted of those actively serving.
The poll found that support for Trump among the 1,018 active duty troops surveyed had fallen to 38 percent in 2020 from 46 percent in 2017. Of those respondents in the August poll, 41 percent said they were voting for Biden; 37 percent said they planned to vote for Trump; 13 percent would seek a third-party candidate and 9 percent said they did not plan on voting.
“Donald Trump’s numbers are beyond dismal in the military, especially for a Republican,” said Jon Soltz, an Army veteran who deployed to Iraq twice and founded the 700,000-member VoteVets, a progressive-leaning veterans’ political advocacy organization. “The idea that veterans and the military are heavily Republican is just not true anymore.”
Read more here: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article246835432.html#storylink=cpy”
This sounds like bad polling procedure, honestly.

Captain/Major is the first cut-off between those in for a spell and those aiming to be lifers, which is why i suggested that as a potential turning point
Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel is the second one

But the fact that bad polling procedure would create the impression of Biden leading among grunts does indicate that the higher ranks are ridin with Biden.

That is my impression as well
Hard to make general without stints as a staff officer, and hard to rise as a staff officer without getting with the program

This is turning out to be tricky to read about.
“The officers by and large are more conservative,” says an Army sergeant just back from Afghanistan. “But the enlisted tend to be more liberal.” Of course, with fewer than one in five of those in uniform an officer, there’s a lot more enlisted voters.
Also the exact opposite of expectations.
Though it would fit with the demographic patterns re: conscientiousness.

I’d like to see hard numbers on that, but that could be possible

Ah, here’s a good article: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2018/10/17/troops-see-rising-political-tension-in-the-ranks-poll-shows/
Charts and everything.

We really must procure a cohort of impressionable grad students desperate to impress their advisors. We need someone to find data and crunch numbers on our wacky ideas

Broke: Fake degree
Bespoke: Fake college
(real tuition)
Accreditation is a social construct.

“Your summer internship will be a research project. You will receive course credit and a certificate of accomplishment”
Cargo Cult Credentialism
Someone’s probably already thought that one up but it’s still fun to say

I’m having trouble finding the original study for this Military Times article.
This one has a good header graph: https://www.wifr.com/2020/08/31/more-troops-say-they-will-vote-for-biden-according-to-poll/
Would not be at all surprised if the upper ranks of the officers are more tilted, so 70% is plausible.

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