Re: 2021

(Owl convo. tl;dr- My pre-2020 advice to “explicitly choose your preferred brand of crazy” is going to apply doubly to 2021.)

Anyway, none of the topics upstairs are tickling my pickle right now, I want to talk about 2021
The synchronicities are going apeshit right now.

I started noticing about a week ago and then by Thursday it was beating me over the head and yelling “PAY ATTENTION TO ME”.

I’ve definitely had a few of those moments
I think the astrological forecast indicates a lot happening thins month, particularly the week of the 14th

I’m getting the feeling that the first half of 2021 is going to be lit, but the second half either feels flat or I’m just not getting anything from it right now.

I still have aliens on my 2020 bingo sheet, and even then, the whole “possible microbes on venus” thing from this summer might be hitting that button

Well we had that monolith for a second but the warriors for Jesus took care of it.
I can grab details from Telegram if you need the story.

I’ve read the accounts
Quite entertaining
Yeah, I have no sense as to 2021. My hope is that it will be equally tumultuous but in a much more whimsical, light-hearted way

That sounds like more clown world. Too comfortable. I want more conservative tears.


The election merely whetted my appetite but did not satisfy.

We’ll see what happens

Maybe I’m becoming an accelerationist.
That would be bad.
I don’t think it’s true in general, but I do want conservatives to wake up so gamers can RISE UP.
So I’m specifically a delusion-bubble-popping accelerationist, but not the kind that says we need to eat the children to spare them the horror of a slow death from meaninglessness.
Really I’m against the eating of children in all of its forms.
Hashtag thirdway.
I’m taking a brave stand.

That’s the sort of moral hurdle you’d think would be easy for most to clear, but we live in strange times and people really can rationalize the worst things

Parting thought: The synchronicities are centering around the theme of following one’s original reasons for doing things, and trusting in those original desires at the expense of all the baggage we’ve come to associate with pursuing them.
Field of Dreams came to mind.
So basically the message is, don’t get attached to the accoutrements of your dreams. Remember the original feelz.

Apparently part of the astrology of this month is around wrapping up/tying up loose ends of certain projects in order to make way for new ones to emerge
Seems to fit fairly well with your sense

Well if astrology is as good as I am, maybe there’s something to it :-P.


Or we’re both full of shit.

By far the most likely possibilty

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