News in Gambia and other pleasantries

(Owl convo.)

Patrick and I were talking yesterday about how people need a split second of room to make the decision to only be 30% evil. Right now they’re all stuck in absolute competition survival mode and eating children out of compulsion and existential anxiety. Because if you don’t eat your own children, someone else will 300 ms later. But given 1.5 seconds to make the decision, most people will only eat children 30% of the time. And that’s just because they don’t want to be too much of anything in particular.
If they got that down to 5%, that’s just being autistic. There would have to be something wrong with you to, like, NEVER eat children. Normies gotta hedge against all forms of extremism.

Anyway, if they had a little room, the R nought on child-eating status competition would be low enough that all this craziness would dissipate. That’s just basic economics. Pressure cookers are socially constructed.

I had to get a Lyft ride home from the airport a couple months ago. Talked to the driver, who’s from Gambia. It was illuminating. Nice dude, in keeping with the stereotype of the sunny African disposition. He said the international news in Gambia makes you think all of America is like Las Vegas. They don’t show you anything bad, so he was shocked when he got to Detroit and the crime was out of control. His friends back in Gambia didn’t believe him either until he put his phone on speaker and they could hear the gunshots in the background.

I can believe it. The Hollywood image still holds sway a lot of places

Rhymes with…think sniffing sounds…That’s right, glues!

glued to the tv
now “news” is glued to your mind
How pernicious is this ooze

I want to watch “olds”.

I think that’s just documentaries
Also significantly more enriching

Headlines of things as if going back in time. When you hit the Roe v. Wade date the report is “Roe v. Wade Overturned”. This isn’t a bad reactionary propaganda idea. 2011: Smartphone usage dropping, mental health among young girls skyrocketting!

early 2000s – People are healthier and malls are making a comeback!

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