Discussion re: explicitly choosing your brand of crazy in 2021

So, preferred type of crazy

Mine has to do with my bizarre relationship with hope and despair.
In practice it’s a focus on unilateral altruism, properly understood.
In more neurotypical terms you might call it compassion in the absence of reciprocity.
That’s a little off the mark since what “hot” compassion makes me make mistakes, on account of having opposite social instincts from most people.
And “properly understood” really boils down to the understanding that working on myself is often the best means to achieve altruistic ends.
But the thing is, it’s very easy to get lost in self-improvement as self-justification.
So it stung a little when MM had to remind me that I’m supposed to be inventing heroism.
I had honestly forgot. Whereas thinking about it fills me with energy and optimism.
It’s hard to remember that people have a lot of needs when they aren’t in front of you.

“It’s hard to remember that people have a lot of needs when they aren’t in front of you.”
Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there, even if no one wants to admit it

So I guess my preferred crazy is to persist when all hope is lost.
That’s a fact at the center of my self-concept that other things can rest on, like a diamond under pressure.

weird that you put it like that
I would have said mine is to keep on findimg the best moves an dplaying on even if things look bad
esentially the same thing but from the perspective of optimism and energy


and the assuption that hope is enevr lsot and ones opponents always make mistakes

Very curious that we have the same one.
Particularly because before now I wouldn’t have picked us as overwhelmingly similar in anything specifically.

This must be the distinction between melancholic-phlegmatic and snguine-choleric

It’s a bit different because mine is more religious (i.e. “it’s all for treasure in heaven anyway, so hope is moot”) and yours is more calculating in the meta (i.e. “even if the game itself is lost, if we persist the hardware running the simulation might break down and give us an unexpected edge”).

Let the bastards grind me down? I’ll grind them down!
Basically, i beleive that there’s always a good solution to the problem ,and if you persist in findign good solutions, eventually things will get better

Persistence beats down the enemy’s morale.

Hell, even if there’s no enemy
The universe is like the tides. It ebbs and flows but sooner or later you can ctch a wave

I think it’s beliefs like this that shape a person’s character over the long haul, because you end up training your own responses.

Yeah, this ties back to previous talks we’ve had on character and destiny

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1 Response to Discussion re: explicitly choosing your brand of crazy in 2021

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    It’s not a belief pal, that’s a character flaw. To the camps with you.

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