Self-improvement books I like

I mentioned Sunday I’m hacking together a GUToW system to fill in the gaps mentioned here: Here’s the basic list for actual exercises, in approximate order:

How Al-Anon Works (for dealing with everyone around you being out of their minds)

Self-Directed Behavior (see here)

The Extreme Ownership book summary is still better than the book itself, which is a bit fluffy for my taste. It will be better to do a deep dive into locus of control theory, negative externalities (i.e. karma), trust re: group selection, and develop a more scientific definition of heroism (which will be plagiarized in large part from the study of genius) before.

Self-Authoring Program (see here)

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy (I hate the title and cover but the book itself is excellent)

Triathlon: Winning The 70.3 Half Ironman How to dominate the middle distance by Dan Golding. (I know there are areas of life other than fitness but a lot of the advice from specific subjects generalizes and this is the one I learned from and know the best. Plus, something I’ve learned over and over is that most of what we assume is mental is actually just physical health.)

My Hero Academia is surprisingly didactic. I suspect it was commissioned by the Japanese higher-ups as infotainment. The closest Western equivalent I can think of is The Chronicles of Narnia or Pilgrim’s Progress.

One big thing that’s missing from my toolkit is a book of exercises for training mental habits for resilience. I tried making my own, but it’s likely someone has a better treatment of the subject out there. Need to evaluate Jocko Willink’s book on it for usefulness. This would probably slot in between Self-Directed Behavior and Extreme Ownership.

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