Audio for “Trusting the plan” by Ed Dutton on Radix

In many ways, Q followers might be compared to the Gnostics in the Early Church. This was a highly diverse movement, theologically speaking, united by core ideas. In particular, Gnostics believed that the universe was dualistic, reflecting an eternal battle between a higher god and the evil god of this world. This evil god was responsible for all of the world’s woes, and one could be “saved” by attaining direct knowledge of the higher god, knowledge which the evil god attempted to hide from you, via mystical practices.

It’s long, so I made an audio version I could download to my phone and listen to.

The original is also a good first place to look for the references Dutton cites in his videos.

Update: Sorry, I forgot to turn the speed down to normal.

Update 2: I redid at normal speed, here you go.

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4 Responses to Audio for “Trusting the plan” by Ed Dutton on Radix

  1. LOADED says:

    QAnon is highly neurotic. Fortunately.

    • LOADED says:

      They’re looking for the unpredictable moment to let the real conspiracy unfold. Too bad itll never work.

      • LOADED says:

        Or ever happen. Huh…makes me wonder if all movies are based on QAnon truthism variety of entertainment and indulgence. I would not be surprised and reason that this is the reason most people are dark tetrad.

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