Pretty little liars

A woman studies how social media destroys your mental health, then at the end concludes you’ll be okay using social media as long as you’re mindful about it. Heavy on statistics when describing the problem early in the presentation, curiously free of statistics toward the end.

I have the beginnings of an evopsych theory in mind where higher verbal intelligence in women exists for the purpose of post-facto rationalizing the decisions that were made for them by authority figures. Their brains are basically narrative-generating machines, turning everything that happens to them into a little novel that’s always monologuing in their heads. E.g. “I divorced my husband because the Holy Spirit made me do it. He made me marry my husband to teach me a powerful lesson about life and relationships, and now that I’ve learned it he made me get a divorce.”

A big part of the Qvangelical movement is men who want to set up truth as their highest ideal but aren’t ready to face the woman question honestly. They see all the women at a Trump rally and, after a few logical jumps, tell Gen Z to only marry truthful women because look how normal and natural it is to see based wamen in MAGA hat. Sure, if you actually follow this advice it’ll result in the death of your race, but they intend to be dead before that bill comes due because Q is spiritualized Boomerism.

(Speaking of, I fixed the audio of yesterday’s thing and reuploaded the video.)


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3 Responses to Pretty little liars

  1. An Answerer of the Wahmenz Question says:

    Let’s see here. Is social media hurting my… Huh. She’s kind of annoying, but she has nice legs. She also has some tedious friends who deserve to be mercilessly shunned.

    I thought that the goal of social media was to obliterate the worldviews of clueless normies, leaving them confused and no longer able to make sense of this chaotic universe, but I guess that I was mistaken.

    • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

      She’s kind of annoying, but she has nice legs.

      This was going to be my comment. She has nice legs and baby-making hips. In a sane world, she’d be making meat pies and quilts instead of giving Ted talks. We can’t have advanced technology, not even once.

    • I hate these names says:

      She looks fat and ugly. Also stopped listening within the first five seconds of her speaking since she’s using that tone women use when they know they’re wrong but are still trying to rationalize something.

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